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I know that when compared to what we may experience in Patagonia, this week’s conditions are pretty mild. That said, when the wind is forecast* to be gusting above 25 with waves of 9-10 feet, we avoid any serious traveling, and so do most other cruisers. That left us with a bit of a dilemma though… where should we take Michael and Rhonda, our guests who arrived on board our boat yesterday at noon. As Sunday is the big party day at Hog Island, one of Grenada’s most protected anchorages, the answer seemed all to clear. We raised sails, significantly reefed I might add, and made our way from St. Georges around to the south coast.

  • Everyone here knows that if you’ll be traveling offshore in between the islands, you need to add a good 10 knots of wind to whatever is forecast.

The Christmas Winds have arrived!

The squally weather that we experienced after rounding Point Salines was exactly what we expected to find, but hidden behind Frost’s hard dodger, we managed to stay mostly dry. By the time we reached Hog Island, we were pleased to find both sunshine, and a perfect anchoring spot, just off Roger’s Barefoot Beach Bar. Happy times!

Fun times at Roger’s.

As today was forecast to be even windier than the day prior, and we received a report from our friend that an uncomfortable swell had once again arrived to torment those anchored on the leeward side of the island, we collectively decided to leave Frost where she was anchored, and head to shore to go exploring. Fresh water showers in the waterfalls, and plenty of good times were awaiting us!

Mount Carmel Waterfall