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We’re thankful that we have a seaworthy vessel on which to live and travel.
We’re thankful for our families, supportive no matter how many miles separate us.
We’re thankful for our ever-increasing circle of friends, including Carla and Randy who we just met yesterday.
We’re thankful that we have each other!

Happy American Thanksgiving everyone. I hope you get to spend it with those you love.


  1. Dear Mike and Rebecca;

    From those of us that have had to return to land-based life (albeit for a sort period of time), we wish you both a very happy Thanksgiving despite the fact that we Canadians have already celebrated just a few weeks ago.

    Have a safe weekend and enjoy all that St. Lucia has to offer. The people and the government have gone out of their way to welcome cruising sailors and to offer a safe and enjoyable transit of their island. Make sure you stop in at Marigot Bay for us! We simply love the spot and all the hospitality that is offered up.

    Enjoy the new friends and we hope your passages north continue to be rich and rewarding.

    Alan (and his able crew of SV Mango Groove)

  2. Thanks for the Thanksgiving Greetings. I was sure to eat some turkey and gravy for both of you. Safe travels up the Caribbean. Looking forward to seeing you next year.


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