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It’s been a while since we’ve posted about hashing, quite simply because it’s been a while since we’ve been on an island with an active hash group. St. Kitts does have such a group and as luck would have it, our trip to the island this time around coincided with one of their runs (last time through St. Kitts we missed their once-every-3-week hashes by a day).

We have hashed in Grenada, Trinidad, Antigua and now St. Kitts. I am totally convinced that if you want to make some cool new friends, you should check to see if there is a Hash House Harriers group in your area. I have never found a group of people to be so universally welcoming as the ones in these clubs. As an example, we made one phone call to the Hashmaster here and he immediately offered to drive down to the southern end of the island where we are anchored to pick us up and drive us to the hash. Nice, eh?

The traditional pre-hash pic, sans dirt, sweat and scratches.

The post hash-lime lime.

  • Note: If you enjoy beer it helps but it is not required. 🙂


  1. You all look amazingly clean afterwards, and happy.

    I deduce that a ‘lime’ is a drinks party or something. Do you know the origin of the name?


  2. My husband has a carbon fiber guitar and it very possibly may be for sale. He has LOTS of guitars and all of them are for sale, that’s his hobby. I may have mentioned that he bought our daughter a carbon fiber guitar when she was working on boats. She loves her’s and wouldn’t part with it even after moving to Arizona.

  3. Typically, how long are the runs?

    • In the hashes that we’ve participated in there are typically two trails: a longer one, normally referred to as the runners’ trail and a shorter, referred to as the walkers’ trail. Those names aren’t super descriptive though because in many cases, it is impossible to run the entire runners’ trail due to the terrain. Most people find that the trail takes about an hour to complete, regardless of which is selected.

      In this case the runners’ trail was exactly 4 miles long (we did run a bit extra on some false trails) and it took us one hour to complete.

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