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I have been drooling over the GoPro camera since I first posted about it back in Feb. 2010. Now that they have released the even more powerful HD Hero2, I am even more motivated to get one. I bet we could produce some pretty awesome blog content with one of those!

Check this video out… Amazing!


  1. They are great. I have many gigabytes of diving, snorkeling and sailing video I never could haven with another camera. Not to mention it strapped to the bottom of my truck while four wheeling, or hooked to a fishing lure (didn’t catch anything).

  2. Great camera…Has some drawbacks, but you guys will love it!!!

  3. Hi Mike

    William and I each own one and have taken some great video with them. They work anywhere. We have used them diving and mounted on the sports cars. Lots of fun!!
    They have a special lens for the housing for filming under water that you can buy. We also have the 3d housing and it works. Very cool!! You need two cameras for the 3d.
    Next summer I plan to use them on the boat. I think putting one at the top of the mast should produce some interesting video.

    We had a few inches of snow yesterday. Big rush now to get the winter tires on.

  4. Set up pay pal over on the side bar and ask for a buck only per person. It won’t take you long to get it for Christmas.

    Don’t be shy, we’ll cough up a buck. You guys are worth much more.

  5. I agree these are great. Make sure you get all the ‘add on’ suction pads etc for it. I have the original mk1 version which I have used on the car as well as the boat….or on the top of my head!

    I hope they have improved the battery life though with the HD models. It only last a short while on mine.

    Never used it for diving but it looks brilliant for that!

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