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Another Grenadian carnival has come and gone. The incessant booming base of the Soca music that we lived with day and night has given way to sounds more typical of the marina, roads, and nearby shipping port. The relative silence is quite shocking, actually.


Check out these amazing images from the Pretty Mas parade!

It’s interesting to me that, almost immediately after carnival ended, we both had a very strong urge to get moving again. Even though we’re booked in to the marina for another couple of days to complete some projects, we really prefer time spent at anchor to that tied to a dock.

While we have resigned ourselves to spending the remainder of H-season in this area, or at least keeping the boat here, we’ve been spending quite a bit of time lately dreaming of our future travels. In addition to Patagonia, which is still very much on our radar, we have been compiling a list of other places that we’d like to visit. To help with this planning, one of my most frequently consulted websites as of late has been Google Maps. In spite of the traveling that we’ve already done, it’s amazing how little of the world that we have actually seen!

If you like maps, check out this cool site!

Where would you most like to travel to?

Fueled by my wanderlust, I started a little poll on Facebook yesterday, asking our friends to list the top five countries in their must-visit list.

To kick things off, I picked:

  1. Patagonia (Argentina/Chile) – Sorry, cheating, that’s two.
  2. Iceland
  3. Ireland
  4. Mongolia
  5. India

Rebecca’s list included:

  1. Thailand
  2. Spain
  3. Italy
  4. Nepal
  5. Czech Republic

Want to place along? Tell us your top five!



  1. 1. Alaska (I know it’s not technically a country, but it’s definitely large enough and so far removed from the other States, it could be)
    2. New Zealand
    3. Iceland
    4. Greece
    5. Thailand
    6. Italy ( in case my #1 is DQ’d)

  2. Panama
    New Caledinia

  3. I hope one day (after several years in the Caribbean) that, via sailboat, I am able to explore:
    1. Scotland
    2. South Pacific (all of it)
    3. New Zealand
    4. Alaska
    5. Patagonia
    6. South-east Asia

    I need to get started soon…. 🙂

    • That’ll be an exciting bit of sailing!

      • Ya, probably more than a lifetime’s worth!! The Caribbean was my only goal originally. Then you got me researching Patagonia and I realized how spectacular it is down there. Then an article in Good Old Boat got me thinking about how spectacular Alaska would be. Then I went on an airline/automobile trip/tour of Scotland and realized how amazing it would be to see via boat. And on and on it goes… I need to quit thinking/reading/researching!! 🙂

  4. We’ve been lots of places, 33 countries so far with our boat and 30 countries by air. There are some that we’ve been to, that I’d like to get back to, but then I’m adverse to visiting the same place twice, you only live one life …. I do highly recommend Fiji, Turkey, Egypt, New Zealand and Bonaire – all for different reasons.
    The countries that are on our horizon to visit in the next few years are:
    1. Australia
    2. Indonesia
    3. Malaysia
    4. Thailand (been there by air)
    5. India (via Andaman Islands and Sri Lanka)

  5. 1. Aruba
    2. Tahiti
    3. Norway
    4. Hawaii

  6. 1. New Zealand
    2. Italy
    3. Alaska
    4. UK
    5. Japan

  7. 1. Greece – Will be sailing there in THREE Weeks!
    2. Italy – Amalfi coast. Maybe next year?
    3. Croatia
    4. S. Pacific

  8. Colombia
    New Zealand

  9. Although not all countries, my sailing plan when I retire is:
    1 all 5 great lakes
    2 Newfoundland
    3 Caribbean
    4 Greece
    5 Australia

    After that the plan is wide open.

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