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For reasons relating primarily to boat repairs, we have decided to hang out in Boqueron until the weekend. Yesterday we ordered the new evaporator plate for our refrigerator and are having it shipped 2-day express to a local bar here. Our friend on Top O the World is going through a similar process acquiring repair parts for his diesel engine. Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into another chartplotter-chips-to-Georgetown fiasco. So, in the meantime, we’re going to enjoy ourselves. In a few minutes we’ll be heading out in the dinghies to go see if we can catch some fish.

You know what else we’d love to acquire while in PR though? A new iPad. I know this is more on a want level as opposed to a need level but after using our friend Corey’s iPad a bit to check on this blog, I can really see how helpful it could be. I know people have posted about these devices here often, and being a huge Apple fan, I knew that I would love it. We’d just never had the chance until now to use one. Now, after having done so, both Rebecca and I are sold. Of course, Apple just came out with a brand new version that is listing shipping times of 2-3 weeks. Of course. 🙁

Updating the blog in Boqueron. Lugging this laptop around all day just to update the blog is a beast. It would also be nice to not have to take all of our important data to shore in the dinghy.

Isn’t it sexy?


  1. Looks like a nice time for all your followers to chip in a few dollars. We can’t have you suffering providing all the wonderful stories and pics.

    This comment was not solicited by Mike or Rebecca!

  2. No doubt, the iPad 2 is pretty cool. They certainly beat full-size laptops for lugging around.

    iThings are very much a content-consumer device, though. As a content-creator device, they leave a lot to be desired- certainly not a replacement for a laptop, and for serious writing, an onscreen keyboard is nowhere close to a real one. But you already have a notebook.

    I’d like an iPad too, of course. Sleek design, great interface, portable, easy to use. My wife loves her iOS4 gadget (I think it’s an iTouch 32) and it’s a great computer for browsing around on. But for less money than the iPad, one can get a netbook that’s the same size and weight, with a real keyboard and with peripheral ports, and that is far more versatile. (Incidentally, for the same price I can also get all the material and hardware I need to fabricate the folding struts for my new trimaran… it’s all about priorities!)

  3. How is the IPad for reading in sunlight? It is impossible to read my cell phone in the sun, even if I shade it and cup my hands around it and peer through my thumbs!

  4. You can’t read an iPad in the sunlight at all. That’s why I recently opted to buy a Kindle rather than an iPad to take books on vacation with me. My iPad friends derided me for the decision until I reminded them of this fact.

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