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Our resupply chart says that we rode over 2200 km to get to La Paz. Even though the distance we have traveled may be slightly different than that given our diversion to Loreto, when we add to that the miles that we put in prior to leaving our daughter’s house, and that which was necessary to get to the beginning of the Divide route, I suspect we’re probably close to 3000 total kms ridden. Not bad, eh?

Time for a Spa Treatment!

Given that distance, and especially considering how rough the terrain is down here, we figured that our bikes were ready for a bit of TLC. We followed the suggestion offered up in the Baja Divide route guide and paid a visit to Ressel Bikes here in La Paz. Using our best broken Spanish, we requested that our bikes be given a full spa treatment: wash, inspect, grease, adjust, etc., etc., etc. In other words, the Full Monty!

Not only did Ressel do everything that we asked for, and more, he also patiently took the time to teach us some of the intricacies of what he was doing. For example, how to install new brake pads, and how to adjust the brakes after they have been installed were just two of the things on the impromptu course curriculum. For the record, getting new brake pads properly in place is a finicky job. It will definitely require more practice!

Huge thanks to the crew at Ressel Bikes. You definitely get 5 stars from us!



  1. Bikes are looking goooood!

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