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Just kidding. 😉

Instead, this is a real-time clip of us going through Lock 12 on the Erie Canal. It is a whole 13 minutes in duration and to be honest, there is no real drama (no going over waterfalls). Feel free to fast forward through it if you like, although if you do, you’ll risk missing Rebecca’s excellent commentary.


  1. Nice job bringing the vessel into the locks Mike…Nice job Rebecca with the lines…It was actually nice to see how calm you both were and each knowing what needs to be done without yelling and screaming………You guys look like you have done that for years…..Love the video…..For 13 minutes while I drank my coffee, in my office, with four walls, you put me out there with you guys……..Thanks

  2. PS….The best blog or site I followed was Seth and Elizabeth aboard Honeymoon……I think you will top them as you get going and out there…I know it is alot of work and I think I can speak for everyone that follows your blog, we all appreciate you guys sharing your journey….I think you will be amazed as you continue your dream, how many people follow you and will open their homes, boats, etc. to you guys…..

  3. I feel like I know how to go through locks now after following your posts. Good info and really enjoyed the video.

  4. That’s very different procedure than the locks here in Seattle… Here there are no lines – you must bring your own. Cleat one end on the boat, and pass the line around a button on shore, holding the other end. This is pretty easy going down, but going up, the lock tenders pass a messenger line down to you which you make fast to your line, then they haul it up and make it fast at the top. In this case, you pass your end around a cleat and hold on to the end.

    No making the line fast to the boat here either.

    In the small locks, there are floating bollards, so the lines don’t need to be adjusted as you ascend or descend. They do warn you to be alert in case the bollard hangs up on its guides…

    I know Rebecca is strong, but she sure made it look easy to pull ZTC‘s bow in… I’m guessing that ZTC displaces somewhat less than Eolian‘s 50,000 lb.

    • That’s interesting Bob. As you know, we have no other experience with this so it’s col to hear of other ways that it’s done.

      As for Rebecca pulling the boat in you are right about both things: Rebecca is very strong AND our boat is MUCH lighter than yours. 🙂

  5. Great video! You guys make it look easy. I’ve been worried about the locks, and watching you go through has eased my fears. Thanks!

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