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Ha! Those little mosquito brains are no match for Rebecca and I. Our sealing up the vent area on the hatch seemed to do the trick.

This morning we worked on a few boat tasks. First we installed a new magnetic spice rack that we found at Canadian Tire. This will save us quite a bit of counter/cupboard space, and looks pretty cool too.

Next I spent some time tending to the rigging as Hub suggested. First, I taped over all of the exposed cotter pins on the shrouds (note the pretty, shiny, bird-scaring pom pom, which does actually appear to work).

Next, I tightened and tied off every shackle that I could find on the boat. As least we shouldn’t have any major rigging failures if we make it out sailing tomorrow.

While I was doing the above Rebecca was working to organize the galley. Because Katana has a top-loading refrigerator it is taking a bit of organization to make its use efficient. To save power we don’t want to have it open for long periods of time. Getting at stuff hidden at the bottom is the challenge we are working on.


  1. You know mosquitoes love bananas

  2. Your spice rack looks lovely — I would be curious to know how it holds up in heavy seas (or even a good power boat wake!) Let us know how it does. Our first liveaboard/ cruising boat was a PDQ36 (LOVED every inch of her and only gave her up to make room for having kids) and we bought a cool system from Ikea to make the most of galley space. If I can find a picture online I will send you a link. Or you can email me and I will send you one of our old photos if you want to see the set up.
    Good luck!

    • Thanks. I am pretty confident that the magnets will hold up. The strips were only fastened to the boat with double-sided tape though. That part may need to be modified.

      I would love to see the pics of your PDQ. I will send you an email!

  3. How did this spice rack work out for you all? Do you still use it?

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