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As a follow up to yesterday’s post about using a Prusik knot as a backup when climbing the mast on a sailboat, here is a video demonstrating how it all comes together. The video includes:

  • How to create a Prusik loop using a double fisherman’s bend
  • How to tie a Prusik knot on a backup halyard
  • How to tie into your harness or bosun’s chair with a figure 8 retrace
  • How to attach the Prusik knot to your harness
  • Demonstration of how it functions

Please feel free to comment and share, and be sure to check out this post for extra details on the technique that the video illustrates.


  1. Great instructional video! Better safe then sorry.

    P.S. I especially like the end where you are held up by the knot with the musical climax 🙂

  2. Nice. Safety counts, every day.

    1. You can also use a prusik around the mast. This can be very handy on fractionally rigged boats where there is only one halyard to the top (my Stiletto 27). Also if you don’t trust the lines or pulleys. I know a man that decked-out when the masthead pulley failed, the ha;yard dropped a few inches, and cut on the top of the mast. Yup, a back-up would have saved him about 20 broken bones.

    2. Obviously it will not work on stainless cable or bare Amsteel.

  3. Excellent instructional video Mike. I’ve never really liked our bosun’s chair and the climbing harness looks like a great set up. The Prusik Knot as a backup leaves only one line for the ground person to work with. Very tidy & safe. Thanks for sharing!

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