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Another great charter came to a close yesterday as we bid farewell to our new friends, the Garrisons. In a few short hours we’ll be welcoming another family on board and we’re eager to share with them some of the magic that the Virgin Islands has to offer, including that which is found below the water’s surface.



  1. It is nice to see some Elkhorn coral growing well.

  2. The photos look great and I’m sure don’t come close to the real experience.
    Might just have to come down and see for ourselves!

  3. Well done. It sounds as though you are getting into the swing of it by now.

    Good luck with the next guests.

    And HAPPY NEW YEAR. I hope it is a good one for you.


  4. Beautiful pics. What type of camera do you use? We just returned from 10 days in Bonaire, snorkling and diving and used our new Olympus Tough and our pics look nothing like yours. I guess we have to get more experienced. Happy 2014!

  5. Is that a barracuda in the last shot?

  6. Thats beautiful snorkeling, but for me i would be down under using scuba! How deep are you snorkeling to these days?

  7. Great way to end the week, snorkling and grabing some great pictures. Still using the CannonD10? After having mine down 90 feet while diving several different times it finally started giving lens errors…. Lasted 4 years of diving and snorkling..I enjoy reading about your adventures… It is part of my reading list…


  8. Awesome photos. I love the way you process them to bring out the colors.

    My daughter will be in St Thomas this March and my wife and I are looking at crashing her stay. I probably can’t afford a charter right now but can you recommend an agent or hotel on the island?

    Dave W.

  9. Great photos guys! It’s part of the reason I’d like to live on a boat. I’ve followed you guys for a long time. In fact, I’ve finally decided to get the LOOOONG process going. I’m going to Miami in February to Strictly Sail and the Miami Boat Show. It’ll probably take me 3-5 years to get on a boat but you have to start somewhere.

    BTW, what book or books gave you the most information on working on marine engines and electricity? What other books were the most helpful in getting started with this segment of your lives? Thanks in advance! I know it’ll be awhile before you reply but that’s not a problem.

  10. Lovely post! Many thanks from greece

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