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I haven’t written too much about fitness lately as Rebecca has taken to carrying that torch with her blog, but seeing how she dragged me (kicking and screaming?) into this new video, I thought that I should post it here too. Be sure to watch the video all the way through to the end to see the outtakes. πŸ™‚

Yes, that is ZTC anchored just off the beach in the background.

Today we’re planning on taking the bus to Bense to hike to Chaudiere Pool, another of the Dominican spots detailed in our hiking guide Ready To Get Wet?. It has been raining a lot here on the island, more than is seasonably expected, so I’m not entirely sure what condition the river will be in. When it rains on islands like this the rivers can swell substantially, sometimes to dangerous levels in just a matter of minutes. Less than a week ago there was a tragic accident on the island where two locals perished when their car ran into a 40′ deep ditch carved right across the middle of a road by rainfall. That damage took place in a very short period of time too! We heard about this story as we were visiting our friend Roy who owns a rum shop here. Quite sad.

Speaking of rum shops, Rebecca and I went for a walk the other night just after dark. We heard some music and saw a few guys in a new-to-us bar so we stopped in for a drink. We ended up chatting with some of the other patrons and especially the shop’s owner, Osborne. After purchasing only three drinks, he tells us that he wants to buy us two. We decline but tell him that we’ll come back again (yesterday). He sends us home with a couple of free figs (figs down here are great tasting little bananas) and promises to bring us free passion fruit and paw paw (papaya). Sure enough, last night we show up and are greeted with smiles and a bag of passion fruit, a pineapple, a huge papaya and a sweetsop. This is so typical of the people of Dominica and one of the reasons why we love it here so much!


  1. Love the video, brightened up my day – Thanks!

  2. I have been to Dominica,beautiful things to see, but didn’t care for the island. Proabaly one of my least favorite Islands. Some of the roads going up to the falls and stuff are something to be desired!

    • Interesting. Where you here on a yacht? What was your favorite island?

      • Nope on a cruise ship, back in 2002 (yikes it was that long ago?) And because of that I would never consider going back there again. Strange no?

        Jamaica, again didn’t care for the island, but had beautiful things to see.

        Liked St thomas and St John, Grand Cayman, Curaçao.

        My favorite Island by far is Aruba. (have gone by plane there, not by boat)

        • We all have different ideas. I am 100% sure though that the experience cruise ship passengers get when visiting an island for 24 hours or less is not an accurate representation of the island itself. Unless we stay somewhere for a month or more, we don’t think that we can even begin to really understand it. Your milage may vary.

  3. Is it obligatory to be a masochist if you sail on ZTC? πŸ˜‰


  4. Reminds me of my days as a gymnast. Of course, we didn’t get sand ground down the back of our shorts back then. πŸ™‚

  5. I’ve heard of women being “clingy” to their man, but Rebecca takes that to a whole new level (of course) in that bonus exercise.

  6. Sleeping with the gym… it

  7. We thoroughly enjoyed Dominica. A tour with Dylan who is/was associated with Martin (Providence) was well worth it. Great guide. Then Martin gave us a trip up the river; quiet and relaxing. We went to the Carib country on our second trip through, did you? We also did some scuba diving.

    D & Don

    • We did a hike with Martin last year and also a river tour. We have done perhaps a dozen other hikes here on our own too. We have not done an island tour nor do we scuba dive. I’m sure that’s great too.

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