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I don’t pay a lot of attention to the local weather forecasts in the Caribbean. Unless a system is effecting the area, the weather here is almost always the same: sunny, warm with brief, intermittent showers. Yes, that’s perfect for a charter sailing vacation! 🙂 We do pay close attention to the wind and swell forecasts though as that determines our sailing and our anchorages. Checking the wind forecast today we see the following:

Source: Windguru

Just as on our first charter we’ll have strong winds (on the nose) when we head east and much less wind when we will be traveling back west. Typical.

Although not entirely practical from a local sailing perspective, this animated wind map, shared on our Facebook page, is pretty cool. You can zoom in on an area by double clicking on it. I especially like being able to see the areas without any wind, the doldrums.


  1. And when at last you have the wind in the right direction, you will find you have got the sun in your eyes!

    (An old quote from somewhere) 🙂 🙂


  2. There be some swells there. You might have seen this already on Windtraveler’s blog, but it appears there is reported success for putting an earplug in the non dominant ear to prevent sea sickness. Be curious if it works with those feeling green on your charters.

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