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  • Good news: Made it to the boatyard early today.
  • Bad news: Found out that the lock on the companionway door wasn’t working and we were locked out of the boat.
  • Good news: We were able to break into the boat.
  • Good news: The boatyard chandlery had the exact replacement lock set that we needed.
  • Bad news: THE LOCK SET COST $186.00 US!!!
  • Good news: ZTC’s next owner(s) have a nice shiny new lock.

In more positive news, we are getting close to making an offer on a boat. Wish us luck!


  1. You couldn’t just lift the slider and push it back? How is it secured? I don’t like my slider lock and have been thinking of up-grading.

    Yup, I had the innards of that lock fail twice (broken spring once, brass cast part another). Stupid expensive. I had a milling machine; 15 minutes later, a new part!

    • The slider has a drop down lock of sorts. I’m sure yours is the same. I was ultimately able to lift it but I needed to look around for something long and thin to slide in to push it up.

  2. Yes locks on boats are a curse. I oil mine regularly now and so far I am beating the corrosion and jamming.

    GOOD LUCK with the boat bidding. The bigger the boat the better for what you have in mind. Don’t forget to sell ZTC in the meantime! 🙂


  3. A couple of years ago we had to steal our own dinghy. Lost the key to the lock in Cruz Bay St John and the big boat was in Caneel Bay. Knew we did not have a spare key for that lock. Went to the hardwarestore and bought a metalsaw. Cut through the chain with the saw at the dinghydock. A lot of people looked strange at us but no one said anything.

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