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Here are the facts. In July 2015, approximately 20 months ago, we purchased our present boat. Not much more than a month after taking possession, we unfortunately discovered that there was an issue with her. An issue that we later determined was extremely significant. Last spring we initiated a lawsuit to deal with this problem, and it’s been going on ever since. It’s for this reason that we’re still sitting here in Martinique instead of exploring new-to-us waters.

Many people have understandably been curious about what kind of situation could take the fun out of boating for us. Well, this kind of situation!

For the record, I’m posting this primarily because, quite frankly, I’m getting tired of evading the subject, and also tired of having people make incorrect assumptions about why we haven’t moved on. Because our lawsuit is ongoing, I’m only sharing the bare minimum, that which I feel is prudent. You can feel free to ask any questions you like but please be aware, if they focus on anything outside of what I have covered in this post, there’s a good chance that I’ll simply ignore them. You shouldn’t be offended if that happens.

We’re making progress, but at a snail’s pace.

I wrote yesterday that a year has passed with little having changed. That’s not entirely accurate. We have most definitely taken some steps to rectify our problem, but as with all legal matters, it’s moving at a snail’s pace. The fact that 100% of our legal battle is being conducted in French – and we don’t speak French – makes it even more frustrating. Fortunately, we have good people on our side who are helping us through this.



As much as certain people like to glibly suggest that we should stop complaining because we’re in paradise, I’d like to point out that being anywhere that you don’t want to be, and especially subject to things far outside of your control, is not pleasant.

What will the end result of all this be, and when will it all be over? I wish I knew. For the time being, Rebecca and I are simply doing our best to remain positive, and to focus on our future adventures.


This will all make a nice campfire story someday. 


  1. Always here for support or to help if needed.

  2. THAT is going to be a bonfire!

  3. One has to ask– What is the “Extremely Significant” Problem??

    And– Sorry to hear you’re out of Clamato..

  4. Appreciate your honesty and respect your privacy. Looking forward to hearing of a positive verdict and gory details when the time is right. Cheers.

  5. Really hate to hear this, Karma is a bitch and you will see it come back on your side. Hang in there! Thanks for all that you have contributed to everyone on your blog.

  6. Hope things work out for you on the legal front – any legal action is frustrating but can imagine it must be doubly so in a foreign language – best wishes and keep positive. Great that you are already planning your next adventure to keep you positive – best wishes to you both as you work through this!

  7. I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs and learning from them. Sorry to hear your frustrations! Hope to eventually read the situation is resolved to your liking and find out what it is so we can learn from it as well.


  8. Ugh. That sucks and I hope it’s resolved for you soon. My grandmother used to say ” If everyone threw their problems out in the street you would run to pick up yours!’ It’s all about living in the moment. For example my wife and I were in the BVI’s last week with friends on a sailboat. Had a great time. When we returned home we had a message on our answering machine that a nagging legal matter had been resolved in our favor and we were free and clear to move ahead. We were having so much fun we forgot to worry about it. I wish the same for you.

  9. !@!)$&%@^^#!

    Phew! Now that that’s out of my system, I really feel for you two. Sadly, my French is limited to, “Scare bleu!” and “Merde!”

    If you ever need a central Florida spot to chill from …

  10. As friends that know your woes, we’re pretty sure this post lightens the load you both bear not being able to move on…keeping secrets is never easy among good friends…We wish you all the best, getting past this legal nightmare…Hopefully, you’ll have it past you when our next sail north comes along, but if not, you can count on “Painkiller” anchoring nearby.

  11. I’m so sorry.

    Makes me think of a quote from Winston Churchill:

    “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”


  12. So sorry,I hope that the down time gives forth the book that all cruiser wannabes will have to purchase.Life smacked us down too but like us you will boomerang back!

  13. I certainly wouldn’t call it complaining, and I certainly understand that hard situations happen anywhere. When you can’t control anything else, you can control your attitude. Stay positive, keep your chin up and it will all work out.
    You guys are an inspiration to a lot of us, I think you’ve built up plenty of good mojo to get you through.

  14. Uhggg. Love reading about your adventures. Sending positive vibes your way for this mess to be over with soon so that your next adventure can begin.


  15. So sorry about this. I’ve found that legal ‘issues’ are some of the most frustrating things that one has to navigate . . . mainly (for me) because I usually feel so powerless being caught within powers that I can’t control. This is so different from most other things in life where I usually feel (perhaps unreasonable so) that I can delve into the problem and get it solved under my own power.

    I wish you good luck. And thanks for finally clearing up this lingering mystery.

  16. Sorry to hear about the trouble, Mike. Was wondering what was going on. Hate the feeling that goes with that type (legal) of issue. No matter how right your cause is, the feelings are majorly sucky. During my worst time, I got past those emotions by getting lost in my three small son’s worlds. Their laughter was infectuous, and for a little while, I could get beyond my frustrations and anger. Truth is, this situation will resolve itself and you will move forward. In the meantime, I suggest you and Rebecca look each other in the eye, smile, sing a little ke-se-ra, se-ra, and go find some kids that are just having fun and laughing. It will help, even if only for a little while.

  17. As I recovering lawyer who just left that behind to cruise full time, I understand your pain! Litigation can be soul sucking but unfortunately, sometimes necessary. Hope it goes as quickly and as favorably as possible. Please know that your blog has been an inspiration and an incredible source of very helpful information. I’m not sure how long you’ll be in Martinique but I’ll be stopping there on my way to Grenada for hurrricane season. Would love to meet you guys if it works out

  18. hey guys
    Jane and Ritchie here (Panthera) .. currently snowed in in Alaska.. boats in FL, back to her in a couple weeks.. Hang in there. You two, if any will persevere and rise to your next challenge. Looking forward to following.

  19. Arrgh, so sorry. Win lose or draw, lawsuits can be a soul sucking experience. When it is over, perhaps you will write an important piece on boat buying. Of course, a settlement agreement may dictate you say nothing so we may never know.

  20. Hi Mike, I thought it was kind of strange to change your big water plan for long road bike trip… but now knowing the reason I would like to say sorry about the fact that it all happen with such a wonderful famous couple ( especially love Rebecca with her training activities – she inspiring me non stop without even knowing it :-)), you definitely didn’t deserve it. In the light of your experience with this boat – any advise for those who looking for a boat now? It’s like a house purchase – you better order professional inspection or relay on good luck … Something else we should keep in mind when purchase a boat? Anything you do differently back days? I am about to change my house and my car on 2 in 1 – the boat. I wish to avoid disappointments, but if even professional sailors like you experience a trouble – do I have any chance to get right boat without hidden defects? I hope your case will end up the way you want and fast enough to jump back on the same sailing plan, all the best.

  21. Thanks for the post. Like everyone else I had wondered what was going on. Now I understand and fully respect that you can say almost nothing.

    All the best with it, and the frustration of french!



  22. Darn. Here I assumed you were moving on simply because you were bored of boating. I am sorry to hear of your troubles. I am now really curious, but completely understand your desire for privacy on the subject too.

    I will add that, after following you guys for a few years now, I am confident that, just like the many hurdles and situations you have faced in the past, you will over come this one too.

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