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I’ve read several articles on the benefits of traveling alone. And we all know that the single-handed ocean-going sailors carry the most cred (at least with me, they do). That said, I have very little interest in spending that much time by myself (could you imagine the conversations?). I am, however, perfectly content to spend time alone with Rebecca, and in fact, after a lot of time in crowded anchorages, I look forward to those opportunities.

Does she feel the same way? Yes, I’m pretty sure she does. At least, I hope so! 🙂

  • Note: I did ask her!

While definitely not our only motivation, perhaps that is one of the big attractions to venturing a bit more off the beaten path.

Of course, we still love having visitors. Keep that in mind, friends and family!


  1. Have you read “A Voyage for Madmen?” It is about the first single handed round-the-world race. Nearly 1/2 of the entrants either went completely bonkers or went further and suicided. An excellent read.

    Couples cruising works because of the balance between time alone on deck and good company. I know people that can’t spend 10 minutes away from people and chatter (my mother…) and people that can spend weeks alone without noticing. The middle ground seems more stable. Alone I would miss sharing the discovery and being able to say “will you look at that shit!”

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