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Just as our sailing timetable is dictated primarily by the weather, our land excursions are too. Our original destination for today was St. Vincent’s active volcano Mt. Soufriere. We had planned to first locate (hopefully!) and then hike up the leeward coast trail but due to the ton of rain that fell last night, and the fact that even more rain was forecast for today, we decided to shift gears and head to the closer Trinity Falls.

We have found that there is a decided lack of detailed information available regarding the hikes on these islands. Although we can frequently find pics and occasionally reviews, no one posts detailed info on the trails with directions, maps, etc. Because of this, our hikes always begin as a bit of a mystery and today’s is no exception. Rebecca and I are in the process of compiling data for an eBook on our favorite hikes which will include the details that the other sources are omitting. I think many people will find it helpful.


  1. Cool idea re the eBook.

    GPS co-ordinates to identify the trail heads would be useful for those who carry hand-held devices.

  2. eBook sounds a good idea. Sometimes just being told where to get the information would be a huge help in itself. Even if you had not done all the treks.

    Remember to include the hash-run contacts.

    Also, remember to put a prominent disclaimer to liability. If someone falls down when climbing the smaller Piton, you don’t want to be blamed, or sued!


    • Ahh, disclaimers. The Caribbean almost makes me forget that lawyers exist. In the USA or Canada NONE of the hikes we have been on would be permitted. NONE!

  3. You don’t mention the wildlife much on your walks. Has it all been killed and eaten?

    I would have expected lots of small animals, small reptiles, snakes and a big variety and quantity of birds.


    • Perhaps we make too much noise while walking but we don’t see a ton of wildlife. Lizards are everywhere and they seem to enjoy having their photo taken. We saw what we think was a mongoose yesterday although that is pretty uncommon. Probably why we haven’t seen any snakes! There are plenty of birds though so that should make the birders happy.

  4. Great idea! Step in where others haven’t been.

  5. Thanks for the updates! I just starting following your blog this week since I had a April visit to the Bahamas, and now I am forming my 10-year plan to go cruising. I am learning a lot. Keep the updates coming!

  6. Great idea for the book.
    There is something to be said, however, for the adventure of finding the waterfall, top of the mountain, etc. without help.

  7. Mike and Rebecca, It always happens that way with the weather it seems. I really like the ebook idea. I have been following you since John King asked me to find you in St Lucia and you had left the day before. I live on Salsa my Grampion 30 which is currently in Puerto Penasco in Sanora Mexico. I am from St John and will be heading home next year . Thank you so much for sharing your life’s and adventures it has inspired me to set up a site also. Live Free Always

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