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Today began with a bit of research on using epoxy resin for fiberglass repair. West System’s website has a number of videos on how to use epoxy. The videos are actually very clear and after watching them, the process seems much more doable. They also make a how-to DVD so we dropped by West Marine today to purchase a copy. Now we just need to invest in some epoxy to practice!

If I had more skill in what I’m attempting, I wouldn’t need so much courage. — Ashleigh Brilliant

Following our brief shopping excursion, Rebecca and I made our way to our local YMCA for my swimming practice. Yes, I still find this very frustrating but I will admit that I am getting better. I have learned though that if I just stand around the shallow end of the pool and flex my muscles, the older ladies think that I am some sort of good swimmer. I actually had one lady today suggest that I move into the “fast lanes” to swim. She said that I moved like a “torpedo” and that I reminded her of Mark Spitz (apparently a famous swimmer). LOL! Me thinks her swim goggles were a bit fogged up!

Last night I found out that one of our friends is “tight” with the local Yamaha dealer and mechanic. I told him that I wanted to meet this guy. I think I will try to make him some sort of deal to see if he can give me a crash course in how to maintain and, when necessary (notice I said “when” necessary instead of “if” necessary), repair our boat’s Yamaha 9.9s.

My last bit of research, at least up until the time of this post, related to the Sailrite sewing machine. Yes, I want to learn how to sew. They, too, have a bunch of videos on their site which show how to construct and repair items using their machine. I think having a machine like this could be very helpful for boat projects. The only thing holding me back from getting one to practice with over the winter is the $1000.00 price tag!

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