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Having returned to One Love, I was able to assemble the following pictorial account of our weekend trip to Carriacou for the G3H Hash. It was a great weekend with great friends. Better late than never, right?

Work on One Love was still to be ongoing while we were away.

Cleaning foul-smelling dock lines as we make our way out of the harbor.
A great start to the trip, right?

Always look up!

Electric winches? Bah, we don’t need no electric winches!

They look exceptionally happy, don’t they?

Sunset in Carriacou as the hashers limed on the beach.

Early morning Saturday, testing out Banyan’s new TRX.

Parking Banyan’s “car.”

We were bused to the island’s windward coast where the hash was to begin.

What we found after arriving was an old cemetery right by the beach.

Perhaps a storm or two has eroded the land in this area because the
graves were very close to the sea!

Before the hash was to begin we completed a beach clean up.

Sadly, filling a large bag with plastic and other garbage was all too easy.

And we weren’t the only ones cleaning.

Far from it, in fact!

Yeah, we all collected a LOT of trash!

Our cruising buddies look very energetic “before” the hash.

Checking for long-lost relatives?

Softwood gives the pre-hash briefing. I think there were 160 hashers present.

On On!

We began the hash on the eastern, windward coast…

And were treated to amazing scenery as we traversed the island.

Yes, we need to run all the way down there by that pier.

On the western shoreline. A perfect ending spot for a great hash.

One Love!

Just as we had a great sail up to Carriacou, we had an equally nice
ride back to Grenada on Banyan.

And to make it even better, we were visited by this guy and some of his friends as we reached the island. I think they were saying “welcome back!”


  1. Looks like an amazing experience. What a life!

  2. Hey, at least you have a shirt on in the pic while cleaning the dock lines.

    This reflects what a Real Captain would be doing versus playing all the time.
    Other than being the wrong vessel (tippy vs Cat), perhaps this pic fits the charter manual of acceptable pics for a crew member.

    (Just kidding – Have Fun!)

    Got the pics you sent, thanks so much – I’ll respond later via email.

  3. Great job on cleaning the beaches. Sadly its all to a reality, and those caribbean beaches are where sea turtles lay their eggs, just imagine how many turtles you might have saved. So in 10 years when you go snorkeling on the reefs and see a green turtle, know you may have played a part in making the turtle stay there!

  4. Looks like a great time … and so pretty! I’m still amazed at how many people litter … sad.

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