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Nineteen United States Dollars for a beer! That’s what they wanted to charge us at the Lighthouse Bay Resort! And just to be clear… that was $19.00 US for a single beer, not a case of 24. They really must be insane! Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest.

Before we decided to set sail for Barbuda we had read about the pristine beaches that were reported to stretch for miles and miles along the island’s shoreline. Now that we’re here we can confirm that this is not an exaggeration. When we picked up anchor yesterday morning to move from Coco Point around to Low Bay, we were merely trading one beautiful expanse of sand for another.

The shoreline of these beaches are nearly deserted, with the exception of a single upscale resort lording over each one. At Coco Point, the namesake Coco Point Resort is completely exclusive; facilities, including the restaurants and bars, are for guests only. Cruisers need not apply. At Low Bay, where we’re currently anchored, the attractive Lighthouse Bay Resort sits prominently on the shoreline in front of us. I say prominently because there are virtually no other structures nearby.

Perhaps the helicopters taking off and landing on their premises should have been a clue that we would be a bit out of our league there, but we were thirsty after our sail, and subsequent walk on the beach, so we decided to see if their bar was, unlike Coco Point’s, open to the public. And to be honest, they also have about a dozen Wi-Fi signals showing up on our computer, all locked of course, so I was anxious to see if we could get access to the web if we had a drink there. Well, yes the bar most certainly is open to the public, said the friendly bartender as she passed us a drink menu. While we were quickly scanning it another staff member pointed out to us that all the prices we were reading were in US dollars. But after seeing the numbers on the menu, specifically the part where it showed $19.00 as the price of a beer, that didn’t quite make sense to us. I mean, even if that was $19.00 EC for a beer, I still would have called them crazy. In fact, not more than a week ago I told the owner of a beach bar back in Dickenson Bay that I thought he was overcharging for asking $10.00 EC for a bottle of Carib. But $19.00 United States Dollars? Seriously? I guess that’s one way to keep the Riff Raff out! Sorry guys, I guess updating the blog will have to wait. 🙁

We swapped our little self-tacking jib for our 150% Genoa just prior to the trip to Low Bay. It was nice to be sailing along at over 5 knots with only our headsail up.

We are anchored just in front of what is labeled on the chart as “Palm Beach House,” known here as the Lighthouse Bay Resort.

Was this fence supposed to keep boaters from dragging their dinghies across the little spit of sand which separates the anchorage from Codrington Lagoon? If so, I don’t think it’s working.

Barbuda’s only town, Codrington, lies about a mile that way. Our plan is to head over there in our friends’ dinghy later this morning, after we drag it across that sand spit that is.

The white, or pink depending on how the sun is hitting it, sand stretches for miles.

We like to stretch our legs after a sail, even if the trip was only a couple of hours long.

Lighthouse Bay Resort, which our guide tells us has only nine luxury suites, can boast that it serves, what I have to assume, is one of the most expensive beers in the world!


  1. The Golden Beer. You have finally found it!

    How much was a simple glass of water?

    On the flip side, if ever there was a beautiful beach to be thirsty on it would be those. Great pics!

  2. I agree with Dani. What prices, what a place, what pics!

    Will you have time to visit ‘Man of War’ Island and see the Frigate birds?


  3. Yet another set of beautiful pictures! We agree .. $19 a beer is crazy … Sounds like they found their own way of “piracy” … must have flecks of gold in it!

  4. Mike,

    You properly didn’t phrase your headline as a question.

    No need to ask the question when one already knows the answer!

    Do they have to swim those beers across the lagoon too?

  5. Just checked the nightly rate if you want to get off the boat for a day or two. It’s $2100 to $2800 a night, so the beer’s a good deal! NOT!!

  6. I wont be going their!! maybe just on the beach!

  7. Well $19 sounds bad enough, but here is one for you, we started our trip & left NZ for USA via Australia when we were in transit in Aus. we had to “check in” in Transit again ?? don’t know why!! but any way when the young lady said you have 5 bags & you were not charge in NZ now you must pay an extra $145au for each extra bag over 23 kg as Virgin Airlines changed their policy a month ago & each person is only allowed 23 kg in stead of the old 32 kg on International. Well, bugger me I said “or words to that affect” 🙂 can I just go to my bags & throw away my cloths to get new when we arrive in LAX !! NO she said & if I didn’t pay we couldn’t get on our next flight. LOL oh VIRGIN AIRLINES we will be so glad to find our Cat.. So we wont have to fly. LOL
    Your picks are great as always & the smaller of the 2 fish that were had by s/v earthling is a Trivially & the other looks like some sort of Mackerel poss.” Spanish Mackerel”

  8. Hard to believe even for a ritzy joint. I wonder how many of those $19 beers they actually sell?

  9. Absolutely beautiful pictures……The color of the water is incredible……I cant believe Vana White was there the same time as you guys…

  10. Frekin nuts!!! Krazy Krackers how do they expect anyone to catch a buzz with them prices??One Caribbean destination scratched off the list!!!

  11. Back in ( 1981 ) Sally and I stopped in Barbados at Sam Lords Castle they wanted $ 9.50 for a burger and $7.00 beer . This why we all end up in Cuba I guess We still call it fun in the sun in eighty one . The price of a great beach.

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