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If you were hoping that Santa was going to bring you a new boat this Christmas but you didn’t find one under your tree, there is still hope for you.

We have once again reduced the price of our beloved PDQ 32 to the ridiculously low price of 109,000.00 US. ZTC is the newest PDQ 32 on the market, and with this reduction, it is now priced lower than several other older 32s! All of the details and contact info are available on our PDQ 32 for sale page.

A new year begins tomorrow. Why not make it an extra special one by taking steps to make your dreams come true? We’d love to help you get started!


  1. What a great bargain! ZTC is a beautiful boat. ZTC has been wonderfully kept. Who could ask for more? The only problem I see is, you apparently don’t need the money.

    Your plans are going forward, on the “new” boat, regardless of your selling your “old” boat.

    That screams to everyone with ears that you don’t need to sell the boat at all, no matter the price to the potential “new” owners. Being a lower cost to buy than other boats not as good means nothing to people who aren’t buying a boat anyway.

    The question is, do you want to sell the boat, or do you want X amount of money, that you don’t need, because of pride?

    You can’t go out and buy another boat, at that persons loss, and expect to command top dollar from the boat you jumped off of, unless you will lose both boats if you don’t sell for X money.

    If you aren’t going to be broken if you don’t sell the boat, you will never sell the boat.

  2. Even better, take the damn boat up to USA, since you are wanting to travel there anyway, and sell it there. You could make thousands on the deal, and have a nice final journey.

  3. Sorry, I was ranting. I didn’t mean YOUR final journey, I meant a parting journey for you and ZTC. That really did come off wrong.

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