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There are some days that I feel as though I didn’t get a good workout in but the truth is, as long as you get off your butt and move, it’s better than doing nothing. On the days where you are feeling a bit lazy, just get up and do something, even if it is only for 15-20 minutes.

The following bodyweight workout takes less than 15 minutes to complete but is enough to get your heart rate up and your muscles working to keep your body satisfied:

Short & sweet workout

Perform each of the following exercises as quickly as you can for 30 seconds without compromising your form. Do 5 rounds resting 30 seconds between each. If you are feeling more energetic, do each exercise for 45-60 seconds and/or do more rounds.

  • Squat thrust/Side squat thrust
  • Star push ups
  • Rapid cross knees (right)
  • Rapid cross knees (left)
  • 4 Kick ups/6 Mountain climbers

Description of exercises:

Squat thrust/Side squat thrust:

  1. Do a regular squat thrust by placing your hands down on the ground and jumping your legs straight back but after you jump your legs back in, stay down and move your hands over to your right side and place them on the ground beside your right foot.
  2. Jump your legs out to your left to perform a side squat thrust.
  3. Do another squat thrust in the middle then move your hands over to your left side and place them on the ground by your left foot.
  4. Jump your legs out to your right to perform a side squat thrust on the other side.
  5. Repeat the exercise doing a squat thrusts in the middle, then to left, back to the middle then to the right for the remainder of time.

Star push ups:

  1. Jump your legs apart as you descend into a push up and then jump them back together when you press back up.

Rapid cross knees:

    1. From a standing position, put your weight onto your right leg, bend your right knee and extend your left leg out to the side.
    2. Grab your hands together and extend both your arms up over to your right.

  1. Lift your left leg up as your bring your knee across to your right side while at the same time bring your arms down to your left.
  2. Return back to the starting position then repeat for the remainder of time.
  3. Switch to the other side and do the same thing bringing your right knee across to your left side.

4 kick ups/6 mountain climbers:

  1. Start in a crab position.
  2. Kick your legs ups 4 times alternating left and right.
  3. Turn over and do 6 mountain climbers.
  4. Return back to the crab position and repeat the exercise for the remainder of time.

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