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Facebook’s on-this-day feature is a bit of a double edged sword. Sometimes it acts as a wonderful reminder to fond memories, bringing up people, places and things that we haven’t thought about in some time. There are other times, however, when it only serves to dredge up items that bring with them less-than-positive feelings. So it was today.


A reminder that showed up today.

One of Facebook’s offerings today was a blog post that I wrote one year ago entitled, It’s tough to be positive all the time. Not only was re-reading that post a reminder of how I was feeing at the time that I wrote it, but also an unfortunate indicator of how little has changed in an entire year!

Tomorrow I think I’ll attempt to share why.


Funny comic considering that Robert Frost’s poem was the inspiration for our boat name.

In the meantime, after letting the repair sit for 48 hours, the dinghy patch we made seems to have worked out perfectly. That’s good news! 🙂


  1. Facebook has been dredging a lot of bad memories for me lately! A solid reminder to post positive and uplifting stuff, not crap you don’t want to serve again later!

  2. The top picture really says a lot. Not good.

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