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I have to believe that you’re getting as tired of reading about engine repairs as I am tired of doing them. Seriously, I seem to have about a three day patience threshold for this kind of thing and today is day 3! This morning we plan to pay another visit to the Yamaha shop to see if they can point us in the right direction.

During the month we spent in St. Martin last year it seemed as if we didn’t get to enjoy the island all that much. We’re really hoping to improve upon that experience this time around, once we get this repair looked after. On that note, if you have some suggestions on “must do” activities here, please share. Although you’re welcome to post them for the benefit of others who may read this, we’re not really interested in which restaurants or bars to go to. We tend to be able to find those all on our own. Too well, in fact, to the detriment of our budget.


  1. You’re killing my dream. I though all I would need in my tool bag was duct tape and WD-40. 😉

  2. I will make a contribution to your 2013 emergency (Frozen Mojito) fund. Have a great New Year and a safe trip to California. (said in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice)

    • Thanks, Rick. That rocks! I way end up turning around and re-donating that to the Yamaha techies here though. I suspect that might help my sanity more than a frozen mojito.

  3. Try Tintamarre if you didn’t make it there the first time. Water was Chrystal clear and free (I believe) mooring balls.

  4. While I don’t want you guys to be having these issues, I really do appreciate hearing about them. As someone trying to follow in your footsteps so to speak, getting a real-world idea about the lifestyle and what to expect is very valuable information. Just think of the sense of accomplishment once you solve the engine assembly problem. Wish I was there…I’d love to come help (the engineer in me kinda likes those problems).

    Sounds like it is a good time to take a break and go enjoy yourself. I find that is sometimes the best thing you can do when a solution fails to present itself. Take care and good luck with the engine, I’m sure it will work out fine.

  5. You gotta quit drinking all those frilly boat drinks. Find some Wiskey, Makers Mark preferably and fix the damn thing like a man! LOL Plus, you’re doing boat repairs while living ON a boat in the Caribbean. Its better than putting up Christmas deco in 40deg(F) weather!

    I know you just love these types of comments!

  6. Yup tired of it. We only want to hear the fun stuff.

  7. In case it makes you feel better, last Sat I was stopped dead still for 90 minutes on the 401 just east of Belleville while the OPP cleared 11 cars that slid off the road in a driving snowstorm. My heater only works well when the car is actually moving and -10C creeps up on you in 90 minutes. The normal 4.5 hours Ottawa to Toronto trip took 8 hrs.
    Trade ya!

  8. As Kirk said, Tintamarre is beautiful and you can even do a little hike round the scrubby island and beachcomb on the Atlantic side, and I’ve also heard there is something therapeutic about the mud there if there’s any rain but not sure what since we were there in the dry. Tuesday night street party after dinner at a Lolo in Grand Case really shouldn’t be missed. A couple of years ago we enjoyed hiking around the top of Pic Paradise but we did get a ride half way up. The 360 views were amazing.

    I know you’re not leaving anytime soon with the engine troubles and then your upcoming trip to CA but if you have a chance later and the northern swells are settled a bit you really shouldn’t miss the hiking on Saba, it is truly the best! If you can time it to get to the top of Mt. Scenery when it’s not in the clouds we’d love to see a picture since we haven’t been that lucky yet but the hikes between the villages at the lower levels are fab.

    Good luck with the repairs. Can’t think of a better place to be to have to deal with the ‘darker side of cruising.’

  9. Mike,

    On another topic and a sad one at that I am not sure if you are aware that Ted from the blog, passed away unexpectedly of a massive heart attack while cruising in Ft. Myers, Florida on December 27th. Ted and Shirl were newbie cruisers who left Ohio in September.

    Another wake up call about the fragility of life and a reminder to live it to it’s fullest while you can. I hope the cruising community will keep Ted and his family in their thoughts and prayers.


    S/V Sweet Escape

    • That is extremely sad news! Thank you for bringing it to our attention. I’m not sure what Rebecca or I would do if the other one were to pass away. It’s something that we all hope won’t happen but as you said, you can’t keep waiting for tomorrow.

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