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The song Southern Cross is the anthem for many would-be cruisers, possibly including our friend Kirk who just recently caught up with us. He was quite excited the other night when, for the first time, he was able to see the Southern Cross constellation in the sky (we think*), it only being visible when you are far enough south.

It just so happens that Southern Cross was one of the songs that we were playing in our little impromptu jam session that we had onboard Kirk and Donna’s boat Ainulindale the other day. And yes, I was able to join in with my guitar-playing friends with my new Little Martin, brought south for me all the way from Norfolk, VA, on our friends’ boat. Isn’t that cool?

Morning entertainment…

*The wikipedia article I linked above talks about the False Cross which is sometimes confused with the Southern Cross. I need to check tonight to make sure that we’re not looking at it instead.


  1. I’ve admired your Sunbrella works.

    What kind of sewing machine do you have (tried search) – industrial?

    What kind of needle? And do you have UV-protected thread too?

    I learned the fabric is quite thick. Do you find it hard to sew?

    • Tytti: You didn’t search too hard. I searched “sewing machine” and multiple posts came up where I wrote about the machine we selected. It is a Necchi 6110. Do another search to find the post where I link the store where we bought it.

      Needles: big ones!
      Thread: Yes, expensive UV-protected thread, purchased from Sailrite.

      The machine we selected has no problem going through multiple layers of cloth. The limiting factor in a machine for boat use is how large the “mouth” is. It would be difficult to get a rolled up sail into a machine with a small mouth.

  2. lil martin? now you be jammin! Any excuse to play Southern Cross – be it a real, false or imaginary sighting – is good.

  3. looks like it to me – live in the southern land named Oz – guess u know how to find south using the “pointers”

  4. Great song!!! My anthem is Cool Change by Little River Band

  5. congratulations on the Martin. The hubby got our daughter a small scale Composite Acoustic guitar when she was on the boats, she had a lot of trouble with wooden guitars warping, even in the case. If you need strings check out this website

  6. While the song is very familiar to me, I’ve never seen this video … nice!

  7. Listened to that song with a whole new understanding now. Between reading your blog and an Embarrassment of Mangoes I’ve learned a lot the last few months. Can’t wait to see and experience it for myself!

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