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With approximately 2 months until our house sale closes we are now kicking into top gear with respect to getting rid of our stuff. We took last weekend off and went snowboarding. The change of pace, and break from cruising prep. was welcomed by both of us. Now that that is over though we have some snowboard gear to sell! 🙂

There will likely be a 6-month gap between when we are out of our house and when we head off in search of water-based lodging. Soooo, we may just be “camping” for a bit. This may include living out of our office/business. What fun! It will certainly begin to prepare us for the smaller quarters on a boat!

In addition to the stresses of the house sale we have our business sale to take care of. Unfortunately this is even more complex (many times more so in fact)!

One thing is for certain… the last thing on our minds right now is how to sail. Regardless of what challenges may lie with that it can’t be any worse than what is going on now.

(we hope)