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The other day I was accused of being a tease because I did not share the details of the opportunity that I alluded to. I accept that. Some things are so good they are worth savoring, wouldn’t you agree? In this case, we’ve had plenty of time to do so thus I felt that it was only fare to give our readers the same chance.

Over a year ago we were contacted by one of our blog readers, Michael, who shared with us his dream of owning a catamaran. Hundreds and hundreds of emails followed since that initial contact and through them, a plan gradually emerged. A plan that would have Rebecca and I running his dream boat for him, making it available for all-inclusive crewed charters when he was not present to enjoy it himself. While we were skeptical in the early stages, as anyone with any street sense would be, we came to learn that Michael was indeed serious. I’ve actually shared proof of his commitment on our blog. Michael first visited us in Grenada last summer where he chartered a Leopard 4600, the model of boat that he was hoping to acquire. Prior to that Michael had sailed on one of those cats several times; the charter was for our benefit.

Earlier this season you saw me write about the boat in Tortola that Michael put an offer on and the survey of the vessel. The boat turned out to be in excellent shape and unless she meets with some unforeseen damage between now and then, it’ll be in our hands on the 30th of July!

Up to this point we have operated as most cruisers do, with a very loose set of plans. With all this in play, we have had to be a bit more specific about our timelines and that will likely only increase. Rebecca and I now plan to sail our beloved ZTC to Grenada, a spot that we know and trust. We’ll be hauling her out and storing her on the hard at Grenada Marine where she’ll get a bit of TLC on her bottom. While she rests on land, we’ll be flying back to Tortola to pick up Michael’s new boat and from that point until charter season ramps up, we’ll be completing upgrades to her to make her into a first-class vacation vessel, complete with all the toys, and bells and whistles.

So, what do you think? Do you think that Rebecca and I have what it takes to be good crew on a charter boat? I mean, as long as we promise not to drag poor unsuspecting guests down into volcano craters, that is. Former martial arts students are not permitted to answer that question. 🙂

Nevis Peak… the view from our boat this morning.

As you might imagine, we’ll have plenty more to post on this subject as the days and weeks pass by. Stay tuned as the next chapter in Zero To Cruising chronicles begins to take shape.


  1. I think You are an excellent choice. And already aware of what kind of people You might end spending time with. And having experience as entrepeneurs know that what all kinds of insurance etc. You must think of.



  3. Wouldn’t THAT be a sweet deal !!

  4. You guys will be great charter hosts and guides. But, who’s going to cook for the guests, and what’s going to happen to the cat???!!

  5. My opinion is I think it would be awesome!

  6. Good for you! That sounds about just perfect for a temporary conclusion of your whole story……from zero to cruising …cruising to charter captain. Happy for you both and I do expect the blog to stay steady until you have a few back to back charters. Congratulations!

  7. I would not hesitate to have you and Rebecca as the captains of a charter. You guys know how to have fun!

  8. Congratulations, sounds like fun times ahead!

  9. Amazing opportunity! You two will make excellent charter crew and have a ton of unique experience to share with guests. It never ceases to amaze me what opportunities are opened up through the blogosphere.

  10. Sounds great, but definitely sounds like hard work!

    Good luck!

    Jane xx

  11. A golden opportunity, I hope it works out for you guys.

  12. Congratulations Mike and Rebecca. Now the hard work begins.

  13. Congratulations, guys. I am looking forward to your next chapter — I do hope you will continue to blog it, client privacy permitting.

    To do this in the states you’d need an OUPV (aka “six-pack”) or better. Is any sort of mariner credential required where you are? I know you’ve done some of the STCW classes.


  14. Wow, that’s a great opportunity to enjoy another boat and add to the cruising kitty! Love that picture of Nevis Peak … would love to climb it too!

  15. The dream carries on… Congrats!

  16. We are planning a trip to charter a cat with several friends. We will see you hopefully.
    Sounds like a great think for you two to do. Enjoy and keep us all enjoying your dream.

  17. Send price list ASAP.
    Is there a discount if I bring a case of 100% Cdn Maple Syrup?

  18. We sailed 2x in the BVI’s on a cat owned by friend from Ottawa. We had met him on the Willie T on our first charter. When we found out that the the cost to sail with him was only to help him sail and pay for his rum, fuel and food we quickly befriended him and proceeded to ply him with Willie T rums.
    He was very careful about “NOT CHARGING ANY SPECIFIC CHARTER FEE” because to do so would have meant a whole raft of BVI government fees, a different type of sailing permit and a bunch of BVI mumbo jumbo that was basically a revenue grab by the government. If we had ever been asked we were simply his long time friends on vacation with him.

  19. Should be a perfect fit.

  20. congrats guys, goes to show, good things happen to good people 😀

  21. Hey Guys, congrats to you both! Can’t wait to hear about your new adventures.

  22. Excellent work guys… we are so happy for you… getting to work at the thing you love doing!

  23. Sounds like a great opportunity. Congrats!

    Sitting in Antigua. St Martin was fun, but seductively comfortable. Finally got out of the lagoon. Great shot of Nevis — I may stop there on my way back to the BVI.

    All my best.

  24. Mike….Congratulations!
    I’m sure you’ll make excellent charter hosts!

    You didn’t say if Michael’s boat will be in an active charter fleet, or individually managed. If in a fleet, looks like you’ll change your casual attire for fleet uniforms?! You’ll actually have to get dressed for work! haha!

    Do I see a new charter business opportunity? — promote charters to Martial Arts centers, yoga & zumba studios, etc. Vacation and work-out with you and Rebecca.

  25. It’s the perfect thing for you – congratulations on making it happen.

  26. Wow! Aren’t you guys full of surprises. Looking forward to getting the real “inside dirt” on the charter biz.
    Hope to see you down island.

  27. Great news you two! I’m glad you’ve found an opportunity to work together closely as you have the entire time cruising. This sounds like it will be perfect for you! Do faithful Zero to Cruising followers get a discount? That’s my dream boat…just way out of our price range!

  28. It is your destiny!
    Without either of you knowing it; this is what all the dreaming, the sacrifice, the training, the blogging and the cruising leading you to.
    You have a ton of people who not only are enjoying your journey, vicariously, with you;
    But now you have made yourself available for many to participate physically as well.
    Remember, this is still not the end, this is only the beginning.
    And it couldn’t have happen to two nicer people!
    What’s that I hear…………POP!!! There goes the CHAMPAGNE!!

  29. Congratulations. It sounds like a perfect match. Enjoy!

  30. Congratulations! This will make for excellent reading.

  31. Now there is a charter I want to join ! You’ll have them scrubbing the hulls and ENJOYING IT!!! Interesting g that we never hear about your cooking though….. Oh yea, you’ll have THEM cooking!!!

  32. Sounds like a whole new kind of adventure awaits. But there is nothing more fun than buying toys with someone else’s money! It sounds great. I look forward to seeing how it all pans out.

  33. Sounds like a great opportunity. I’m thinking your knowledge of the hiking and running opportunities will be a plus as well.

  34. Thanks for the wonderful votes of confidence, everyone. I would have responded to each of the comments individually but sadly our fast Wi-Fi left us when we left St. Kitts. We really do appreciate the support though. We’ll continue to post more on this subject as time goes by.

  35. You guys should become ASA course instructors and earn some extra bread…..

  36. PERFECT OPPORTUNITY…….Does he have a web site yet?

  37. I’m pleased for both of you and know you will both make this new venture a huge success. All the best with the preparations. After three years of building, our cat was moved onto the hard park at Bluff Yacht Club in Durban this week – it feels so unreal. We have plenty still to do but we are also one step closer to living the dream.

  38. Great news guys and congratulations.

  39. AWESOME!…WOW…what an incredible journey you will take. Congratulations!

  40. Could you have ever imagined this in your wildest dreams? This is going to be a great life experience! You have so much knowledge to share. Your life is taking you in a new direction. Hope to run into you again somewhere, sometime….maybe hashing with your charter folks!!

  41. Cheryl, Mike and Mikayla - Reply

    Well done! It will be interesting to follow your exploits as paid crew.

  42. You guys will be an absolutely awesome charter captain & first mate! Will you be sailing the BVIs? I think it’ll be fine and fun for awhile, but I would eventually get tired of going to the same places week after week & constantly having ‘guests’ on board. Hopefully it won’t always be back to back charters and you’ll have some downtime for yourselves. But I think it’s a wonderful opportunity and look forward to hearing more. Wish you guys all the best!

    • Thanks!

      Yes, we will be operating out of the Virgins, at least at the beginning. No doubt it will be work but we suspect enjoyable work for the most part. We love meeting new people.

  43. Grenada Marine is a great place to leave your boat. You picked well.

    We have some local info to impart if you wish.


  44. Wow guys how exciting! Now some lucky blog readers might even get a chance to go sailing with their fave cruisers!

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