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What good is having a FAQ page if all of the questions and answers are out of date? That pretty much described our page but I did my best to rectify that issue this morning. Feel free to check out the now much-more-current page.


  1. Where will you base the new Leopard charters? Will you pick-up charters at any island?

  2. One of Thee most important questions Tim & I have, ( and I know this will very couple by couple) is what we can plan on for an approximate monthly budget? One reading I came across was somewhat detailed but did not include food, was $400 monthly. I’ve tried finding it again to go over what was included in that particular budget and can’t seem to be able to. That would be very affordable yet it also seems a bit unrealistic. Can you help with this?

  3. I thought so.!! Lol. We’re taking the leap of faith either way, for how long will just be a gift.

  4. Bravo to you both for taking the “leap of faith” ….i admire that so much and find great joy in reading your blog , it is informational and well….just plain fun ! you inspire me to no end as one day soon, i will be following in your footsteps! keep up the great posts!

  5. Hello Mike – I am really interested in the guide or booklet you mentioned before that you were planning to write / publish about your lessons learnt / mistakes made. I think it is great idea and count me first to buy a copy. 😀

    All the best!

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