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Today, June 1st, officially marks the beginning of the Atlantic Hurricane season. I’m not so sure Mother Nature was aware of this though because she has already taken it upon herself to throw two storms out there, Alberto and Beryl.

AlbertoBeryl • Chris • Debby • Ernesto • Florence • Gordon • Helene • Isaac • Joyce • Kirk • Leslie • Michael • Nadine • Oscar • Patty • Rafael • Sandy • Tony • Valerie • William

For reasons which are probably quite obvious, cruisers tend to pay pretty close attention to the weather. During the hurricane season most get even more diligent about this, especially those who have chosen to remain inside the “box,” the area which is statistically more prone to tropical storms.

In order for us to be covered against named storms, our insurance company requires us to be south of 12.5 degrees north so officially, now that we’re in Carriacou, we’re cool with them. We have no intention of remaining here though. When the weather settles down, as it’s supposed to on Sunday, we’ll likely be making the run down to the south coast of Grenada, our base for the windy season.

Many of our friends will end up in the same area although we do know of some others who have opted to stay in the Virgin Islands or other points north of here. I hope that, in spite of the couple of early storms that we’ve seen, the rest of the season is benign and everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer.


  1. Wishing and hoping and praying for a very boring storm season. Stay safe kids!

  2. Hope we don’t get to M. It would be a bad way to be imortalized.

  3. Is it to be Hogg Island again this year?

    How do you know that all the decent places there have not been taken?


  4. Like the contrast between my calendar and yours. Mine is full of places I have to be, people I have to see and things I have to do. Yours is blissfully empty…..

  5. Smart move to stay away from the high risk latitudes. Last year we spent the summer in PR/BVI area with insurance company’s approval. Way too much excitement! Better to stay where the odds are in your favor. Good luck to you – hope we can meet you guys as we pass through Grenada. – Elaine, M/V Mar Azul

  6. We have had two in the Pacific side also.
    Do you plan on crossing the ditch next year and exploring west?
    Would love to meet up in Mexico.

  7. What’s the “cruising” like down the eastern coast of South America?
    Popular? Wrong wind/current? Pirates?

  8. Nevermind, I found this. Have ya’ll thought about venturing out of the Carribbean?

  9. S is SANDY this year? I don’t think I’ve ever had a hurricane named after me. I hope I don’t this year either.

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