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As someone who used to drive a Hummer (admittedly a baby Hummer, an H3, but I would have preferred a real one), I really like this boat! Being anchored right beside it is a bit disconcerting though!

If I owned it, I would paint the bow to look like this:

I need to go over and introduce myself to them today. I hear they are regular travelers to the Bahamas.


  1. Nice! You don’t want to get in their way.

  2. Those Canadian’s sure know how to design and build a boat.

  3. Looks like they would make good friends and better yet good protectors! Take a neat person to own a boat like that. . They probably have a washer and dryer. Where are you exactly?

    Have a great weekend!

  4. The Army Corps of Engineers keeps a similar boat at our marina. Definitely an impressive site out on the river.

  5. That is one ugly boat! But then, the Hummer is an ugly car, too. Especially the ones that have been stretched! You are having a really interesting journey.

  6. That boat would look awesome with your suggested paint job.

  7. I really enjoy the name “Dyad”.

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