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We were boat bound for much of the day yesterday due to the deluge so we took advantage of the “inside time” to sort through the huge amount of nautical charts that we have on board. In doing so, it made me wonder if perhaps we’re heading to the wrong place. With all of the charts that I found for Cuba, perhaps we should be going there?

Don’t worry, kids, our cruising plans are pretty solid. Our goal is still to head to Patagonia. What we were able to do was to pull out the charts and guide books that we won’t be needing so that we can pass them along to others who will be able to use them, and make room for the new ones that we’ll have to acquire ($$$).

I made one announcement on the radio net this morning, mentioning what we had to sell, and generated a frenzy of traffic. Amazingly, pretty much everything that we advertised was spoken for in under 20 minutes. This is, of course, the perfect time to make such an announcement as the mass exodus north has just begun.

Every year at this time, just after Halloween and the official end of H-season, boats start drifting north. The leaders of this pack are, almost always, the boats that run charters in the Virgins. In fact, most of them left a few weeks ago so that they could be there for the charter boat show which begins today! I’m wishing all of our friends in the business lots of luck for a great season. As I mentioned before, if you’d like a recommendation for a boat/crew that will be able to provide you a great vacation experience in the Virgins, send me a message. I’d be happy to pass along our friends’ info.


  1. As an American it’s still a hassle to go to Cuba -legally. Those who’ve gone have said it’s worth the trip. Of course, you are looking forward to a different journey. Can’t be everywhere all the time.

  2. I like the idea of sailing in Hemingway’s wake, much warmer. Patagonia is too much like Canada, cold… 😉

  3. You Americans will hate Cuba, hardly worth the trip! wink wink….

  4. Wild video, where is that? That is a lot of boat traffic!

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