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Knowing how everyone, including One Love’s owner Michael, is sitting on the edge of their seat waiting for more details on the refit…

And what were we doing while all that was going on?? Among other things, plumbing.

Drinking water faucet in cockpit. Idea “borrowed” from our friends on Grand Cru.
Thanks to our friend Simon Clay for helping with the installation.

Faucet for fresh-water washdown of cockpit area.

A 1″ deep socket. Twice in the past couple of days I have had need of this tool. This one I borrowed from the guys at X-Marine. Having the right tools sure makes a job go more easily!


  1. Mike – I bought the regular and deep for most of what Craftsman makes. I initially wondered about the larger ones (inch & over) but darn if I have not used them over the last year a couple different times. The right time with the right tool is a priceless moment as you very well know!

  2. Will that plywood backing plate be strong enough? 🙂

  3. That thin faucet on the drinking water faucet in the cockpit looks like the perfect thing to snag board shorts and other things on. I suspect that it folds back but it looks vulnerable there. Love those dinghy davits. Nice to be able to have the dinghy handy and easy to get to. Good work!

  4. Do you have a drawing, or detailed sketch, of what you are going to get when it is all finished?


  5. Mike,

    I have had the need for a thin walled socket in the past too. What works well is to take a regular socket and grind down the thickness yourself on a bench grinder. I’m sure one of your helpers on board has access to one. Cheers

  6. I am really impressed with the amount of technical boat services available in Grenada. It really looks like you have a great team working on your boat. That is fantastic to see. I really learned something here. Thanks! I am sure we will use those services someday when we head that way. I thought Trinidad was the place you had to go to get this level of expertise. Nice!

    Craig & Susan

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