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First on yesterday’s agenda was a trip into town for groceries. As we continue to head south, many grocery items are becoming much more reasonably priced, especially when compared to the outrageous prices that we found in the Bahamas. Thank God! Fortunately there are several decently-stocked stores here in Port Elizabeth plus multiple street vendors. After loading up on some items from the biggest of the grocery stores, we went off in search of produce. As we walked past one of the booths and the vendor called out to us, Rebecca turned around and without realizing it, stepped off the sidewalk into a 10 inch deep culvert. What resulted was one of the most graceful and controlled falls, and landings, ever. Everyone, myself included, thought that she might have been badly hurt but ever the athletic one, she was back on her feet in a split second as if nothing had ever happened. Wow. The lady at the booth felt so responsible for Rebecca’s fall that she included a free avocado in our purchases. Mmmm… guacamole.

Back on the boat putting things away, we were visited by another vendor, Thomas, in his little row boat. In addition to selling us a nice handmade bracelet, he also gave us the scoop on where to eat dinner and coincidentally, we were anchored right in front of it. “Cheap and finger-licking good” was how he described it. Keegan’s Beach Resort is definitely not a tourist place, especially not at this time of year. You know you’ve found your way to a good local hangout when you look around and see no other cruisers. How can we tell who the cruisers are? Come on… it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? I’m sure we stick out too. As promised, the food and drinks were good and inexpensive and we had fun chatting it up with Messenjah and the other locals. We also enjoyed watching music videos on “the big screen,” a large billboard erected above the main restaurant. Fun stuff. We definitely recommend this place!

Oh, and knowing that many of you have read the book An Embarrassment of Mangoes (If you haven’t we think you should), you might be interested to know that the author, Anne Vanderhoof and her husband Steve are anchored here on their boat Receta. We were actually both anchored back in Rodney Bay, St. Lucia too but we didn’t have the chance to meet them then. This time we took it upon ourselves to go over and introduce ourselves. It’s only being neighborly of course, given that they are fellow Canadians. 🙂

Heading back to the boat with our resupply of provisions.

We were literally anchored right in front of the restaurant.
It is actually their Wi-Fi signal that we are using to post this.

Enjoying the evening.

Ladies and gentleman… Mr. Jerry Lee Lewis!

The party continued on long after we left.

Note: These were a couple of the locals that we met at Keegan’s. They run various Eco tours in and around St. Vincent. Perhaps we’ll check them out on our way back north.


  1. Glad Rebecca wasn’t hurt! Here’s you some Guacamole courtesy of the Texas Tornados:

    (couldn’t find a good video so the lyrics will have to do) 🙂

  2. How nice to find a great local place right in front of you! Love the idea of outdoor movies. Glad to hear Rebecca survived the fall without a sprained ankle!

  3. So cool about meeting Ann (Embarrasement of Mangoes) and her husband. I am sure they had alot to share about the area and perhaps some recipes 🙂 Tell Ann we all love her book!

  4. I highly recommend the Texas Tornadoes. Freddy Fender, Doug Sahm, Flaco Jimenez and the boys are great. The Guac. song is funny as well. “She reached for my pepper, I grabbed her tomatoes….” Good to hear your having fun.

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