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The big thing on yesterday’s agenda was the Hash, but not just any Hash, this was number 700 for the Grenada Hash House Harriers, a huge milestone. We even passed up a chance to go to Gouyave for Fish Friday so that we’d be all rested up for it, and of course, the big party which was guaranteed to follow.

A normal Hash here draws 200-250 people, huge by most standards. At yesterday’s I estimate that there had to be 600 or more, with over 100 cruisers in attendance too, including a massive number of virgins (first time hashers). Even Grenada’s Prime Minister was in attendance! The Hash itself was the typical muddy, sweaty, wet fun and included an epic rope-assisted climb up a never-ending mountain.

Will this hill ever end? Thanks to Brian Steele for this photo and some of the others below. I was too afraid to take my camera out at this point because Rebecca might have left me behind!

Not only do we enjoy the physical workout, Hashing here is such a great way to meet people outside of the cruising community. Perhaps that is why it so well supported. We certainly do appreciate the work that volunteers put into organizing these events. They have become some of the highlight memories of our time here.

All gather to hear the Hash Master speak.

Yes, we started WAY down there!

Fast forward to the end of the Hash… chicken and fries after getting cleaned up. There is always good, inexpensive food options at the end of the hash, and of course, 3 for 10 beer!

Ending the Hash on the beach was perfect!

The kids watch on as ice cream is being made from scratch!

The de-virginizing ceremony!

Rebecca and I both sporting our commemorative Hash 700 shirts.

Why do parties always have to involve wrestling?

I think Mike from Happy Times must have lost a contact lens or something.

The girls were dancing until they kicked us out!

The nagging continues! Please, before you leave this page, take a moment and click this link, and the one that follows to help our friend Carlton Grooms win the contest to be Tommy Bahama’s new Rumologist. I think you need to click LIKE on Tommy’s page to vote too. Even if you did it yesterday, you can vote once each day. There’s only a few more days remaining and he needs all our help. Be cool and click!


  1. Wow. Missed a big one. Was thinking of all you guys yesterday. Though i would have had to not run as my leg is still healing from hash #698!

    ON ON


  2. The view of Grand Mal Bay from Mt. Moritz is great. When I saw the hash had passed by on our driveway and saw the pictures it gave me goose bumps. After 10 years of having our house on Mt. Moritz I can still get lost in the view every day.

    • Hi Jonathan

      That’s awesome that you have a place on Mt. Moritz. I agree… incredible view. Did you see us run by your place? I would have been the guy panting like crazy, trying to keep up with his wife!


  3. was that Lynn from Silverheels/ Toronto in that last photo? Small World eh?

  4. Great pictures! The “hash” looks like soooo much fun!

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