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Ten weeks, ten extremely-long weeks — that is how long we have been living on land. While Hollywood showers and unlimited electricity may sound appealing, I can tell you that when compared to living on a boat, especially our own boat, they are highly overrated!

I am happy to report that, barring anything crazy and unexpected, last night was our last one off the water, hopefully for some time to come. At 9:00 AM this morning we are planning to meet up with Jean-Yves, the former owner of the Maramu that we just purchased, and we have every intention of arriving at the boat with all of our bags, and not leaving! I expect it’ll still be a few days before we can set sail from Martinique but at least we’ll be back on the water, where we belong!

An Amel, but not ours.


  1. Wow, 10 weeks! My first thought when I read that was, “Has it been that long? Ten weeks goes by fast.” I guess that’s easy for me to say….I’ve been reading from afar, not walking in your flip flops, right?!?!

  2. “Endeavor to persevere”
    Lone Watie
    The Outlaw Josie Wales

  3. Exciting! We, too, are waiting for the Splash!

  4. Wow that’s almost as long as we’ve been stuck in St Martin! We are looking to leave here next week. Congrats and Hope see you and the new boat along the way!

  5. Congratulations Mike and Rebecca! I have been following daily and still living vicariously thru your blog. Our situation has changed, and now it is unlikely that we will be able to pursue the dream, so I am counting on your continued success and future posts.

    You guys are a major inspiration, and I look forward to what your future brings you!

  6. I guess you have no plains on coming back up the Hudson?

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