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The suspension trainer remains at the top of our list as one of the greatest training tools to use on a boat, or anywhere for that matter! While I have been known to use other types of equipment during my workout sessions, I still enjoy using our suspension trainer the best. I first posted about this type of training 6 years ago. You can also read Mike’s detailed comparison between the TRX vs. the aeroSling — two suspension trainers we have used. Whether you have a TRX, an aeroSling, or something similar, take it out, hang it up, and get ready for some fun!

This 25-minute workout takes you through some unique combinations using an aeroSling Elite suspension trainer. Are you ready to sweat?

Fun with aeroSling combinations on a boat

  • Overhead squat / balance lunge (left / right)
  • Suspended lunge / squat thrust / knee tuck (left / right)
  • Chest press / fly / superman
  • Reverse split fly x2 / throw (alternate)
  • Pendulum / oblique/middle knee tuck (left / right)

Perform each exercise for 50 seconds resting 10 seconds between each one. Do as many reps as possible during that time without compromising your form. Rest for 1 minute after each circuit. Complete 3 sets.


  1. We just bought the WOSS system and had our first training session today. Can’t wait to get it set up on the boat!! We are sailing from St. Thomas to New Zealand, and this seems like a great option for fitness on a boat.

    • Excellent! Suspension training on the boat can be challenging but with a bit of creativity and modification to some exercises, it works great! What type of boat do you have?

  2. We are crewing on an Oyster 49 doing the World Rally. Hope to buy our own boat when we get to NZ, since the dollar is stronger now and there are lots of boats for sale there!

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