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In yesterday’s post I wrote that the view from Petite Anse Hotel at the north end of Grenada is one of the best on the island. Here is photographic and video proof of my claim. On a clearer day, not only can you see Diamond Rock and Isle de Ronde, you can also spy Carriacou and Union Island.


A great day for a sail!


Unlike the day prior, yesterday turned out to be a fantastic day for a sail. We raised anchor mid-morning, and began making our way around to the west side of the island, hoping to take in the snorkel park. My sister, a complete novice to sailing, was a diligent student, and patiently suffered through the crash course that I inflicted upon her. She helmed the boat almost all the way to our destination, dealing with gusts up to 30 knots without a problem. Excellent job, Diane!


Exploring under the surface


In spite of the gusty weather, the conditions at the sculpture park were actually quite good. Surprisingly though, we found several of the statues had shifted out of place, or had been knocked over completely. I overheard one of the guides on a day charter boat telling his guests that the damage had been caused by the large swell that took place here a few days ago, presumably an effect of (Hurricane) Matthew, far to the north.


These statues were in a complete circle up until a few days ago!


Your can see that the statue in the center image has been knocked over on its side.



  1. Can you please tell me the name of the plugin you use on your blog to keep track of views, comments, and likes on the header of the post? I really like this new feature!

  2. In the photo of you two at the helm, there are some large analog controls (knobs) near your right hand. What are those for?
    Thanks… shopping for Amels and learning from your blog!

    • Great question! 🙂

      If you are shopping for an Amel, you don’t want them. Seriously, they are old and non-functioning. The port one is an old speed/distance log, and I am not sure what the starboard one is.

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