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In our ever-growing circle of cruising acquaintances, there are always people buying and selling boats. So many, in fact, that it’s often hard to keep up to date with who’s doing what. When one of our long-time readers, and best supporters, let me know that his catamaran was on the market, I couldn’t help but offer to share that info for him.

Dalliance, a 1991 Fountain Pajot Antigua, is 37′ LOA. You can check out the listing here. Even though I haven’t seen the vessel, I’m betting it would make a great cruiser for someone looking to get out on the water. Why is it for sale? For the best reason ever… because he upgraded to a newer, larger catamaran!


  1. Not as much room inside as the newer ones, I still think the older models were much better looking and I bet they sail better. More of a sailor’s boat.

  2. The last breed of FP’s that were built to sail and not built as a shoreside condo. Seems to be a really nice example as well.

  3. noticed after reading this post, that PDQ (pending) is missing.. Congrats!

    looking forward to your adventures in Patagonia. Puerto Mont is awesome before it gets too cold.. 🙂

  4. Great vessel,

    I agree old models have were more spacious then the new ones. People love sailing and more people have started to own a yacht of their own.

    Have fun sailing….

    • I don’t think I’d say that the older ones are more spacious than the new models. Better for sailing, perhaps, but not roomier. Many of the new cats are built with the charter market in mind, knowing that they’ll spend most of their life at anchor, or on a dock.

  5. I have to admit, I am sad to see PDQ go. I know it is a huge relief for you and ultimately a good thing, but deep down I always dreamed it would be mine. I knew that I wasn’t doing anything to make it that way, but it left the dream alive. I will probably dream about the FP for a while as well. Fair winds…

  6. Hi Mike…our house closes in 3 days…I just dropped the FP owners an email…curious there were no pics of the salon or galley…did I miss something?

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