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It typically doesn’t take very long for our neighbors in an anchorage to start referring to us (well, Rebecca especially) as the strange people who are always exercising on the bow of their boat. Occasionally this brings legitimate inquiries about what we’re doing instead of just awkward stares. Yes, although non-athletes might not notice it in the same way, anyone cruising who did lead a sports-filled life back on land typically finds the cruising life not as physically challenging as they were used to and thus there’s a bit of a void that needs to be filled.

Although Rebecca continues to create ever-more evil forms of torture, err, exercise, to fill that void, the TRX continues to be a staple of our fitness diet. Because our friends on s/v Snowbird were curious about how well it could work for them, Rebecca invited them over and ran them through a sample workout.

Disclaimer: No Snowbirds were hurt during this exercise session. Flogging “might” have been threatened but not actually administered. Although no one threw up during the workout, there were some hints that it might occur. 🙂

We have heard that there might be one or two other people in the SE Grenada area who are also reading our blog on occasion. If that’s so, we would be happy to extend the same offer of a sample workout to anyone else who is interested. The only cost at this point, outside of a couple liters of sweat, is that if (when!) the time comes to invest in a TRX, it should be purchased through our affiliate link. Oh, and buying us a beer at Roger’s bar might be nice too. That sounds fair, doesn’t it?

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  1. I feel sore just looking at these pictures!

  2. One the sixth picture down from the top, in the background, it shows your anchor rode. What is the little line going to the puplpit for?
    Do you have any chafe gaurds on your bridle?

    • We have no chafe gear on our bridal. The way it is rigged the lines pass through smooth chocks and there is no sawing action for the lines to chafe. If we were faced with a tropical storm I might reconsider that.

      The tiny line is just a piece of spectra that I have strung tightly between the end of the bow roller and the pulpit. I have that there because the bow roller is very long to accommodate our Rocna and because of the long lever arm, I wanted a bit of backup for it.

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