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One thing is certain about the Eastport Yacht Club Bash… they sure serve stiff drinks! The Mount Gay rum must have cost less than the mix!

The entertainment at the bash was great!

Early in the evening, before everything started getting blurry.

Ron and Kathleen drove all the way down from Toronto to attend the show. Good luck with your boat shopping guys and thanks for following along on our blog!

We first met Bess and Bill in Washington, DC. Bill “just” proposed to Bess (3 times… in the rain… perhaps on a Sunday…) and this was their reaction when the band announced that to the crowd. Congrats guys. We’re looking forward to seeing you again on the way south.

Bess said that the two of us don’t communicate very well. I don’t see that at all! 🙂

We were also able to meet up with Chris who is heading south on his Gemini catamaran. Chris is the guy who purchased the composting head from us. We also met up with Mike from Missing Link. Mike found out about our blog because he saw our mast cradles at Hop-O-Nose Marina, back in Catskill Creek. I find it amazing that we were able to meet these people because the crowd was so big, every few minutes Rebecca and I would end up losing each other!

*(The above post was typed very quietly because I have a huge headache!)


  1. Well, good thing modern laptops don’t have noisy keyboards! If Rebecca’s head is as bad as yours, she would kill you for typing if they had the loud ones!

  2. Mike

    I am so honered you have the same necklace as me (mine is black)…..This is also what my only tatoo is……

  3. That headache is called a hangover!! And learn to pace yourself… the rum is a LOT cheaper than the mixer down in the Caribbean. It’s cheaper than almost any other beverage. Milk, however, is about $12 a gallon!!!

  4. Looks like a great time! Tell Rebecca I love her hat – she wears it well!

  5. Hi guys. Sounds like things are going well. Mike, do you remember how we fixed the motor at Collins Bay ? Bruce & Karen on Ookpik will soon be in your area . I traveled with them almost to New York City a while back .

    • Hey Mike. Good to hear from you. I remember some of the things that we did. On the dinghy outboard I tried the trick with the drain screw but that didn’t seem to work. In fact, very little fuel came out at all! I couldn’t remember the other thing we did to get it to turn over.

      Bruce and Karen had better hurry up. It’s going to get cold soon. 🙂

  6. Mike. We checked the filter and blew air in. The tank to push gas thru . We also had a lookout for Hub!!!

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