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Although mother nature may just be messing with us (it’s been known to happen) we are working under the assumption that spring is here. As such we arranged to have the shrink wrap removed from our boat on Wednesday morning. I’m pretty sure we are the first boat in our marina to do so. You can see several still-covered boats in the background of the lower photo. Having the tarp off will allow us to begin working on our to-do-list in earnest!

One thing that hasn’t required getting onto the boat, and that I’ve written about in several posts, is my working to obtain my HAM radio license. Well, the pressure is now on as I have scheduled my exam for Monday afternoon. The examiner I spoke to told me that the last group of 16 people who he had write the exam all passed and all but two of them obtained over 80% on the exam. I certainly don’t want to ruin that track record! I have been studying approximately 3 or more hours each day this week so I think it’ll go fine. One thing is for sure I will be glad to put all this studying stuff behind me.

Oh, and what was I doing yesterday during studying intermissions? Trying my hand at splicing braided line. I mentioned previously that one of the guys from our chandlery was going to give me a lesson. That has yet to happen but I have been studying every YouTube video available. How did I fair? Well, to use the Jiu-jitsu terminology that we are familiar with, I tapped out. 🙁


  1. Good luck on Monday!

    The post I wrote about it goes live tomorrow but I passed the amateur test yesterday. Whew! Now I can forget all of that nonsense.

    I will be VA7LIV assuming it is still available when the paperwork processes (it is now).

    • Congratulations Livia.

      Just remember that as frequency increases, capacitive reactance decreases… whatever the hell that means! 🙂

  2. I really have a problem with requirements that are satisfied by memorizing things one doesn’t actually understand. A lot like the continuing education requirements for my real estate license which doesn’t actually require me to learn anything, rather it only requires my butt to be in a classroom for a specified number of hours. 🙁

  3. Helen A. Spalding

    Just remember, with license requirements and continuing education to maintain said license, it’s there so someone can make money by taking it out of your pocket! Don’t you love subsidizing faceless corporations which have more rights than you do?!!! 🙂

    • I find the ham thing a bit weird in that respect. The license is free, for life. The fee for the test is to be negotiated between you and the examiner. In my case I was told there would be no charge. I just don’t like the fact that there is no practical component to the training.

      I am looking forward to getting some hands-on experience but I fear that it won’t happen until we get to the Chesapeake and get our radio installed.

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