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With several days having gone by without a post, some of you may be wondering if we’re out to sea, removed from any internet source. That’s definitely not the case, and in fact, we’ve spent quite a bit of time online the past few days, working on the website makeover that I mentioned in our last post. As I suggested that it would, customizing the new theme is taking some time, but things are progressing well.

Rebecca is also in the midst of a spring cleaning of sorts. She’s a bit late, I know, as tomorrow is the first day of summer, but regardless, she’s been busy. We’ve been working to unload all of the extra, extra things that we’ve been carrying, as well as a number of items that have gone unused for some time, similar to what we did here. A light boat is a fast boat, no matter how many hulls it’s floating on! This purging process, too, has had us spending a bunch of time online, posting ads on Facebook, etc. Good thing we have a solid Wi-Fi connection!

Happy Father’s Day everyone… I hope you all enjoy the day. We plan to!


  1. Thank you for the posts, it gives the rest of us something to look forward to

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