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We are splicing challenged no longer. Our friend Peter came through as promised and had us banging off eye splices (under his supervision) without problem. He also showed us how to make a Crown Splice, and to seize the end of the rope with whipping twine. I did try another eye splice this morning with some more-difficult-to-control rope. It was tougher but I still managed to get the pattern. It’s very Zen-like. Much like Macrame. 🙂

My beautiful Eye Splice

Rebecca’s foray into the world of Wonderwash yesterday worked out fine. The product delivered clean clothes as promised and was easy enough to work with. Obviously learning how to use it and how much water to add took a little bit of time. Things should go much smoother next time.

Down on the dock to more easily fill it with water. We would normally just use it on the boat though.

Last night’s entertainment consisted of watching the 1996 movie White Squall. Whenever people bring up good sailing movies this seems to be in the top ten. When I googled for info on white squalls, the storm which the movie is named after, it seems they can be found on the Great Lakes! Knock on wood that we don’t run into such a beast!


  1. Mike and Rebecca, white squalls do indeed happen on the Great Lakes. Some MANY years back I found out that a 16′ boat is no match for one! I had taken my son and two of his friends out for a day sail. We chacked the weather radio before we left, but once we got out from behind the lee of the land, I wasn’t strong enough to hold the tiller, so turned it over to my son. A few minutes later he uttered an expletive he doesn’t usually use in front of me, and about that time the boat went over. Luckily, we had already put a life jacket on the only non-swimmer among us. I tried to stand on the centerboard to tip the boat back up, but the centerboard retracted and she turtled. I was never so glad to see a power boat coming in my life! We all got aboard and were returned to dry land. My boat was salvaged the next day. I had to replace the gooseneck, and the rudder. It was the loss of the rudder which had elicied the expletive from my son. When you get caught in a white squall there isn’t time to do anything, including drop sail! There is NO warning!

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