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Everyone thinks that people who live on boats can easily catch enough fish and seafood to satisfy their protein requirements. Those of us who do actually live-aboard know that, in most cases, this is far from the truth. There are no Tuna or Dorado being hooked in the anchorages here and even if we were to raise our anchor and go trolling out at sea for some, there is little guarantee that we’ll catch anything.

I got into a discussion yesterday with one of our online friends about what is apparently a Hawaiian staple: Spam Musubi, aka Spam Sushi. Yes Spam, not fish. That can’t be right, can it? At least that was my reaction. But check out this page because it sounds very popular. In fact, I am intrigued enough that I want to try it. Of course, we’ll have to buy some Spam and some Furikake, because we have neither of those ingredients on board. And we’ll have to make do without a Musubi Press, I’ll leave that to the real die-hard fans.

I’ll post my findings after we taste it.


  1. It looks good, but I will stick to fish in my sushi!!! By the way, I get catch fish!!!! It might be from the fish man, but I get it!!!!

  2. You will love it. The sweetness of the rice, the saltiness of the Spam. It is so, so yum!

  3. It is VERY popular in Hawaiian places. And is pretty yummy! It is a favorite of mine, but I know it can’t be that great, what with the Spam and all 😀

    I actually haven’t had it since I moved to FL 5 years ago, but I used to have it once a week or so in California.

  4. I have never tried SPAM, ok I admit it. But the mere idea of it goes against every molecule in my being. This whole discussion however has been enlightening and definitely entertaining 🙂

  5. One of my most favorite dishes in the entire, whole, wide world.

    Grilled sushi. I love it.


  6. with limited resources I’d probably tweak the recipe and technique. For example, I’d probably rather buy a sushi mat (for doing rolled sushis) and make it that way instead of buying a press. I’d probably figure out a different way of getting the seasoning in rather than buying the special dry mix, maybe just mix fish sauce into the rice.

    Still, it looks like a tasty treat. You’ve got me thinking I should hit a local hawaiian restaurant to see if they have it.

  7. Not that your trim bodies need to be concerned but:

    spam 80% fat Mahi 7% fat

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