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It seems like almost every other day we have a small-craft advisory going on, with a strong wind warning. Yesterday we stepped that up a bit with a full-on gale warning. For those not up on their wind warnings it goes like this:

  • Small Craft Advisory-Forecast winds of 18 to 33 knots (21 to 38 mph).
  • Gale Warning-Forecast winds of 34 to 47 knots (39 to 54 mph)
  • Storm Warning-Forecast winds of 48 to 63 knots (55 to 73 mph)
  • Hurricane Warning-Forecast winds of 64 knots (74 mph) or higher associated with a hurricane!

We’re not looking forward to seeing much of that latter two, that’s for sure!

We have continued to play our version of space invaders, which basically involves us trying to find space where there was none. Our most recent conquest took place in the galley where we replaced the dish-drying rack with a cool folding one from IKEA. I got the idea from a former PDQ owner who posted earlier on our blog. Thanks Cindy. It works great!

On the blog front, I added an option to receive email notifications when new content is added. I “think” it should work. Feel free to test it out by “subscribing” in the box to the right.


  1. You could save space with those plastic containers by getting some of those collapsible kind that Tupperware makes. They end up being less than a 1/2 inch thick. And you can collapse them as you take food out to make more room in the fridge.

  2. It looks great, so glad it worked out for you!

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