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In my observation of the guests that we’ve had on One Love, and those who have spent time on our friends’ boats, people from the southern United States are Fun with a capital F! The three couples that we had on board this past week were definitely no exception!

While it’s typical that we have a great time when we’re out on charter, these six wholeheartedly welcomed us into their conversations and antics. As the week went on, we enjoyed getting to know them by sharing stories, playing games with them on the boat, and spending time with them in the water and on shore. The weather cooperated perfectly giving us just enough wind to sail when we wanted to, sunshine during the days, cool breezes at night, and barely a drop of rain.

“Mike and Rebecca were wonderful, the boat was beautiful, the snorkeling was great! It was a very relaxing, enjoyable vacation! I would recommend One Love to anyone looking to charter a catamaran. I can’t imagine any other charter boat doing it any better.” — Jay T.

We had a full week too. Our guests were interested in hitting a lot of the popular BVI night spots so we visited Saba Rock, the Willie T, Corsairs, the Soggy Dollar and Foxy’s. We had some great water experiences too. We saw more rays and turtles than we could count, a tremendous amount of colorful fish, some lobster, dolphins and even a little nurse shark! Like I said, we were busy. Unfortunately, all things must come to an end, and sadly that includes great vacations like this. There’s always next year though, right?


  1. Please tell me the phrase ” hold my beer, watch this” was used at least once. And did they teach you their favorite college football team’s fight song!

  2. It is my sincere belief that people who grow up and live in sunshine all of their lives have happier lives. They don’t have to deal with depression brought on by months of not seeing the sunshine.

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