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Coming to grips with the realization that the toilet in our forward head smelled as if something has died in it, I followed up my second cup of coffee this morning by disassembling the pump unit to look for once-living organisms.

I hate slot screws!

It didn’t take me long to find a couple of creatures stuck in the small holes in the underside of the toilet’s rim. Exactly what they are (were), I do not know.

Out of focus, but once living.

Of course, we had already implemented a solution to this type of problem on ZTC, installing a strainer in the intake line, before the toilet. Too bad I haven’t yet done that on Frost!

Strainer installed on ZTC

In other news, today marks the beginning of the Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the forecast looked like this for the entire season?

I posted the following mnemonic on Facebook this morning, and one of the readers asked what happened to November, considering that most people consider the end of H-Season to be November 30.

  • June – Too Soon (first month)
  • July – Standby (for any news of a storm)
  • August – You must (prepare in case a storm comes)
  • September – Remember (to standby)
  • ?October – It’s all over (last month)

In my experience, most cruisers start moving up island in November, so it could well be listed as:

  • November – Raise Anchor

You heard it first here, folks. 🙂


  1. mnemonic. Unless it is powered by a pneumatic drill, then it could perhaps be pneumonic, if you could remember to change it.

  2. Hey Mike, Great idea for sea water flushed toilets, a screen before the head pump. I will pick up a couple of these for my Maramu and figure out an easy access place to install them. Thanks for the tip. Fair Winds, Ross (stuck in NYC)

  3. I like to go big on strainers, but we also have a lot more grass here. I also have to winterize, which you have given up!

    • That strainer looks about the same size as ours. If I get around to installing the strainer on Frost (there is already one on the aft head), I will put it very close to the intake seacock, to protect the hose from getting clogged.

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