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Yesterday, before we headed out for a sail, we (partially) ticked a bunch of things off the never-ending to-do list. At least we got some of these things in motion.

The first item on the list was taking some steps to get rid of our vehicle. The H3 Hummer which we drive is a lease; a throwback to when Rebecca and I actually had jobs. Unfortunately, the lease doesn’t expire for another 6 months so I called my friend at the dealership to see how he could help. This will be a good test for him!

The next step was confirming that the additional insurance we want would be in place. I once again contacted Scott from McMichael-Davis Marine Insurance and explained our plans. Effective July 6, our renewal date, we will have coverage all the way to Grenada. Of course, we can’t be in the hurricane “box” during H-season, but we weren’t planning on doing that anyway.

The third big phone call I made was to Transport Canada. That’s right… we still haven’t registered the name Katana (or any other name for that matter). We have had a bit of help from another PDQ owner but still have a bunch of hoops to jump through. Yes, a BUNCH! 🙁 Oh well… how much fun would life be without red tape?


  1. That map is a wonderful reminder of how many islands are so close to Florida. Most representations of Florida, or the USA proper for that matter, leave these out, making Florida appear to exist in an empty sea.


  2. I like the sound of “final” in the get-ready-to-go steps.

  3. Take a look at the possibility of selling your lease.No personal experience with this,but worth a look.

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