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How does the new solar installation work? The pics pretty much tell it all.

The new controller, all wired up and working.

The remote display for the controller.

Yes, that is 10.2 amps coming in! Even in the early morning it was reading 2.2 amps and it continued to climb throughout the day.

Our battery monitor saying that they are 100 percent charged. We have never seen that before without being plugged in to shore power or running off a generator.

Are we happy? Yes! 🙂


  1. Nice job! Will that produce enough charging for your whole boat that one panel. No more projects, get going to the Caribbean waters!

  2. Nice!!! Love the fact that you used square headed screws. Head towards more sun and warmer water! Snow in N.C. predicted tomorrow!

    One more project – where are those Christmas decorations??

  3. That’s fabulous. Rebecca – unpack the blowdryer and curling irons!!!! (that’s what I’d be doing) 🙂

  4. It works! 😀
    It’ll be really nice to not have to run the little Honda so often, especially when you’re relaxing in some peaceful tropical anchorage.
    And I concur with John- winter’s on its way, you seem to be done with systems upgrades (for now, mwahaha 😉 ) and the sunny south is calling. Looking forward to the next update, as always.

  5. with that much ‘spare” power you could supply one of the electricity companies now 🙂 nice job

  6. Hurrah! 100% charged batteries, and FOR FREE! At least, after you pay for the additional panel! Now, off to the sunnier south, and away from the snow. I keep reminding my son and daughter that even if they complain about the cold, they aree NOT shoveling snow!

  7. The joy of 100! I really like it when we go away for a day and come home to see 100% on the monitor. Power is one of those things like water that we take for “granted” when living on land.

    Fair Winds,

  8. Suh-weet – that’s gotta be a great feeling!

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