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Shortly after posting this we’ll be raising anchor and heading south. We’ll probably head towards Deshaies, Guadeloupe, approx. 40 nm, but you never know. If things are going fantastic, we may just keep on going.

Although our time in Montserrat has been short, we are glad that we visited. In addition to our great island tour with Joe, we took the time yesterday to seek out a hiking trail that we had heard about which leads over the hill to Rendezvous Bay, the anchorage just north of where we are staying. Our friends had told us about this spot but failed to share just how spectacular the beach is. When we arrived, there were no boats anchored there, nor anyone to be seen for that matter. We enjoyed that privacy for an awesome swim, well needed after the steep hike.

As usual, there is no guarantee that we’ll have internet access where we’re heading, especially given that it is a French island, notorious for their lack of available signals. Until such time that you hear from us again, enjoy the following pics and this Jimmy Buffett tune, written about* and recorded on Montserrat.

*That song was written and recorded BEFORE the volcano eruption which devastated much of Montserrat.

Oh, I almost forgot…


  1. Happy thousandth day, Mike & Rebecca 🙂

    So, that’s one more on the “places Katy and I have to visit when we finally get around to heading south” list….

  2. Congrats ! What a life!
    (PS: in case you forgot….Stanley Cup playoffs start next week. Spring has finally arrived.)

  3. Nico (fractionally of S/V Antares in the Chesapeake) - Reply

    Happy Cruisiversary, guys!

    I’ll be interested in hearing how your sail to Guadalupe went. Apparently, the wind should be quite in your favor, but as you say – it never is going that direction.


  4. Congrats on your first 1000 days – been reading almost that long and really enjoy reading about your cruising adventures

  5. Here is to the next 1000 happy days of cruising!


  6. Wow, 1000 days, I can’t believe it’s been that long…I’ve cooked a lot of fries since then! Congrats to you both and I wish you many more safe days of sailing….

  7. Congratulations on the Millenium milestone!!!!!

  8. I just wanted to stop in and say hey & THANKS. Happy 1000 days of cruising. I just spent the last 3 weeks reading (lurking) from the begining of your travels. My wife and I are looking to do the same in the near future and your blog not only inspires but offers tons of valuable information. We start our sailing class in 2 weeks. Thanks Again!

    • Hi David

      Thanks for taking to time to say Hi. Let us know how your sailing classes go.

      One comment on that… Rebecca and I took an intro sailing lesson in Lake Ontario way back when. We learned NOTHING on that day. In fact, we found it extremely confusing. I know now that it was just the teacher and her format. I’m glad we didn’t let that single experience turn us off. I mention this only in case your first lesson does not seem inspiring.

      • Mike we actually are taking the ASA 101(keelboat) certification to get started. We have been power boaters on the upper Chesapeake for over 15 years (it was fun reading your visit to our areas). Going to sails will be different. We had the fortune to be introduced to bareboating in the BVI and know this is our future. Thanks again for a cool blog.

  9. Congratulations to you two on your successfull 1000 days of living your lives dictated by the winds. It has been a great ride from my living room while waiting for our chance to follow in your foot steps. Your posts have been entertaining, inspiring and edecational. Thank you for a great blog!!

  10. 1000 days
    Kite flying
    Skinny dipping
    It can’t be bad!


  11. Your posts related to Montserrat are simply outstanding – Well Done – it’s similar to visiting an island without actually stepping foot on it and highly informative.

    In other words, cruisers, and others, were provided with images, narrative and history all rolled into one.

    Congrats on the 1000. Happy 1000’s more.

  12. On your way past Guadaloupe you might want to check out Iles des Saintes. I’ve heard this is exceptional. We will be chartering up through there in January. Take care.

  13. Happy 1000th anniversary! David’s comment just made me smile. I remember when I discovered your blog last year, from Day 1, it was like reading a good book I couldn’t put down. I read every post from the beginning until I caught up. You guys rock! Your adventure has made for a great story:) Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait till we too can sail “Clothing Optional” through the caribbean… What a life!

  14. Congrats you two! Obviously the innuendo did not slip by Bruce and I. My wife’s response was “I would be doing the exact same thing she is”. Which is true and cracked me up! Really happy for the joy and happiness this part of you’re journey has brought you, and thank you for sharing it with us..

  15. Congrats on your 1000 days of cruising. The best for the next 1000! Keep it up! Really look forward to reading you updates daily after a days work…

  16. 1,000 days!!!! That’s so great. I’d say you are now experts.


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